All About Foals

All About Foals

From halter breaking to nutrition, Ride TV has you covered on all things foals! Get expert tips and advice to ease the stresses of raising your own horses.

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All About Foals
  • Preparing a Maiden Mare

    A maiden mare is a mare that has never given birth before. Foaling can be stressful, especially the first time. So it's important to know what to expect and be perpared. Anthony Lieir goes over the things he does to prepare a maiden mare for foaling and talks about what you can expect from a firs...

  • Give Your Foal Time

    It's important to give your foal time to grow and learn. They can easily become burnt out if your overwork them or ask for too much.

  • Teaching a Weanling to Stand for the Farrier

    Anthony shows us how he starts to teach a foal to stand for the farrier. He explains that this is a process and you shouldn't expect results right away. He shows us the basic steps of teaching them to pick their feet up and talks about what happens when the foal becomes frustrated or confused.

  • Teaching a Yearling to Give to Pressure

  • Hoof Care For Yearlings

  • Handling an Agressive Mare

    Sometimes a mare can become protective of her foal and will become aggressive towards you. Anthony explains what to look for to determine if your mare is going to be aggressive or not. He also gives advice on how to safely handle the baby and get the mare used to other people being near him.

  • What to Do When Your Foal Resists Pressure

    In this video, Anthony explains what will happen when a foal starts to resist the pressure from a lead rope. He shows us how to help keep the foal calm and prevent him getting frustrated. Then, Anthony shows us when you should relieve the pressure of the lead rope to keep the foal from rearing or...

  • Feeding Weanlings and Yearlings

    In this video, Anthony goes into detail about what he feeds his weanlings, yearlings, and broodmares. He explains what kind of nutrition each one needs and talks about signs that you're over feeding a weanling or yearling.

  • Handling Babies in a Pasture

    Natural horsemanship instructor Monique Potts goes through the herd dynamics she sees with babies in the pasture and how she approaches them so they learn how to respect her boundaries and stay out of her personal space from a young age.

  • What to Look for in a Prospect

    Shali Lord discusses the conformation traits and bloodlines she looks for in a barrel racing prospect.

  • Taking Care of a Weanling

    Anthony Leier goes over the kinds of feed and hay you should be feeding a mare and foal. He also explains his process for turning a new born foal out with other foals and mares. Then, Anthony talks about how and when you should deworm a foal.

  • Handling a Skittish Weanling

    In this video, Anthony gives advice on how to handle a new born foal that is standoffish or skittish.

  • Halter Breaking and Weaning

    Weanling and yearling expert Anthony Leier goes over the process he follows for halter breaking and weaning foals. He explains what to do if the foal starts to resist the pressure and how to get them used to leading.

  • Types of Halters to Use on Foals

    Anthony shows us the type of halter he uses on his foals and broodmares. He explains why this kind of halter will keep the mare and baby safe if it were to get caught on something.

  • Visiting the Broodmare Pasture

    Jordon and Justin Briggs take us through the broodmare pasture and we get a chance to meet the 2022 foal crop and learn more about their breeding program.