All Around

All Around

Master your all-around fundamentals with Will and Elizabeth Knabenshue and Robin Frid. Learn what the all-around events entail like showmanship, equitation, horsemanship, trail, and Western riding.

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All Around
  • Helping Your Horse Over Obstacles

    Robin Frid shows you how he likes to help his horses get over different trail obstacles. He also goes over the importance of body position and finding your spots between poles.

  • Trotting Over Trail Poles With a Green Horse

    Learn how to successfully trot a green trail horse over different trail obstacles with help from Robin Frid.

  • Staying Correct Throughout Your Pattern

    Correctness is key in an event like trail. Robin Frid talks about the importance of staying correct throughout your pattern and avoiding penalties in the process.

  • Finding Your Line of Travel

    When you're going over trail obstacles, you need to be able to find your line of travel to help put your horse in the correct spots going over poles.

  • Preparing to Ride Over Trail Obstacles

    Robin Frid shows you how he likes to prepare his horse to ride over trail obstacles.

  • All-Around Fundamentals

    New to all-around events like trail, Western riding, and horsemanship? World champion trainer Robin Frid goes over the basic fundamentals of the all-around events.

  • Biggest Mistakes Non Pros Will Make

    Avoid these mistakes in the show pen with advice from professionals Will and Elizabeth Knabenshue.

  • Show Your Horse to the Best of His Ability

    Every horse has strengths and weaknesses. Make sure that you're showing to your horse's strengths and not trying to push him past what he's capable of doing.

  • Mental Preparation Before You Show

    Make sure that you're mentally prepared to compete with your horse. Here's Will and Elizabeth's tips for getting mentally prepared for your competition.

  • Looking for an All-Around Prospect

    When you're shopping for your next all-around horse, do you know what to look for? Will and Elizabeth go over what they look for when they're shopping for a prospect.

  • Getting Involved in AQHA All-Around Competition

    Are you new to horse showing and looking to get involved in AQHA Competition. Will and Elizabeth get their advice for getting involved in showing all-around horses.

  • Flying Lead Change Approach

    In order to have a smooth flying lead change, you need to know how to properly approach the flying lead change. Will and Elizabeth show you how they approach changing leads.

  • Teaching a Forehand Turn

    A forehand turn is a maneuver your horse should be able to do regardless of what you do with him. It gives you body control and prepares you for other maneuvers. Will and Elizabeth Knabenshue show you how they work a forehand turn.

  • Sidepassing in Trail

    A common maneuver in trail events is the sidepass. Learn how Will and Elizabeth Knabenshue practice this obstacle at home to prepare for horse shows.

  • Fundamentals of Backing in Trail

    When you're backing your horse in a trail class, you normally have to move his body around. Learn the fundamentals of backing your horse in trail with help from Will and Elizabeth Knabenshue.

  • Warming Up Your Senior Horse

    Are you warming your senior horse up properly before you start riding him? Will and Elizabeth Knabenshue show you their warm-up drills when working with an older horse.

  • Guiding Your Horse in Trail

    Are you properly steering your horse around trail obstacles? Will and Elizabeth go over hand placement and how people might steer their horses during a class.

  • Slicing a Pole

    Slicing a pole is where you go over the pole at an angle at the trot. Will and Elizabeth show you how you can start working on this maneuver at home.

  • Schooling With a Single Pole

    You can still be productive with your trail practice even if you're limited on the amount of poles you have at home. Will and Elizabeth show you how they school their horses using a single pole.

  • Rider's Position and Style for Horsemanship

    Do you know what the proper horsemanship riding position looks like? Elizabeth goes over what you should and shouldn't do when you're in a horsemanship class.

  • Rein Length in Horsemanship

    You might notice in a horsemanship class some riders prefer to ride on a tighter rein while others are on a longer rein. Will and Elizabeth talk about the different rein lengths you see in horsemanship and how to find out which fit is best for you.

  • Four-Cone Horsemanship Drill

    Will and Elizabeth go over a horsemanship drill you can do at home in any size arena. You just need to have four cones to work around.

  • Trail Class Gate

    In a typical trail class you have to open and shut a gate. Will and Elizabeth show you how to master a rope gate before your next horse show.

  • Trail Course Back Through

    The back through might be one of the slowest trail obstacles, but it's also one of the hardest. Being able to steer your horse's body around while backing takes time and skill. Will and Elizabeth show you how they teach their non pros to master a back through.