Barrel Racing Drills

Barrel Racing Drills

The "Barrel Racing Drills" playlist on Ride TV is a comprehensive resource tailored for riders interested in improving their barrel racing skills. The playlist covers various drills and exercises designed to enhance speed, agility, and precision around the barrels, crucial elements for success in competitive barrel racing. Each video offers detailed demonstrations, tips for technique refinement, and strategies to optimize horse and rider performance. "Barrel Racing Drills" serves as a valuable tool for both aspiring and seasoned barrel racers looking to sharpen their abilities and achieve peak performance in the sport.

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Barrel Racing Drills
  • The Beginner Barrel Racer: The Four Barrel Drill

    A green barrel racing student, Perry, works with Ryann Pedone on a drill that has helped her master her timing, seat and hand position and more as she gets with her new barrel horse. Perry and Ryann talk through different aspects of riding that this drill can help beginners safely get repetitions...

  • The Beginner Barrel Racer: Pole Drill and Confidence

    Ryann Pedone sets up her poles around all three barrels and explains how this drill can help advanced or green riders with their spacing, footwork and timing around the turns. She brings on her real-life student, Perry, and the women talk through things that can help beginners level up: confidenc...

  • Pole Bending Drills

    Two drills on the poles that help with warm-ups, collection, lead changes, and more with Jordon Briggs.

  • The Corkscrew Drill for Barrel Horses

    How to get your horses listening with Amy Jo Reisdorfer's corkscrew drill.

  • Jordon's Warmup Drill for her High Powered 4-Year-Old

    World Champion Barrel Racer Jordon Briggs works her 4-year-old Epic Leader futurity colt and demonstrates how she gets his brain engaged before going to the barrels.

  • The SingleBarrel Drill on a 3yearold

    Justin Briggs shows how he correlates shoulder and hip position to achieve body control before Jordon Briggs takes their prospects to the barrel pattern.

  • Keep Your Barrel Horse from Blowing Out of the Turn

    Amy Jo Reisdorfer demonstrates a simple drill to reinforce finishing the turns strong and snappy.

  • Jordon's Warmup Drill for her High Powered 4YearOld

    World Champion Barrel Racer Jordon Briggs works her 4yearold Epic Leader futurity colt and demonstrates how she gets his brain engaged before going to the barrels.

  • Hindquarters Drill

    Barrel racer Amberley Snyder talks riders through a drill she uses to prepare for a run to help drive her horse under himself.

  • Four Barrel Drill

    The four barrel drill helps horses quicken their feet and is especially useful to teach young horses cues that will be needed on the pattern.

  • Three Barrel Drill

    The three barrel drill is used by Shali Lord to reinforce correct body position for snappy turns.

  • Using the Fence to Add Rate, Collection, and Power

    Your horse has to be controlled and powerful to make a fast pattern when he's running and turning barrels. Use Shali Lord's drill to help your horse achieve collection, control, and power.

  • ThreeBarrel Drill

    Ivy Saebens' threebarrel drill helps prevent horses from overanticipating and encourages them to stay open to the turn.

  • Points on a Barrel Exercise

    Improve your horsemanship and barrel racing skill by following this drill shown by Amberley Snyder.

  • All Rights and All Lefts Barrel Racing Drill

    Amberley Snyder explains how to drill your barrel racing horse on using five barrels to stop him from cross cantering (or cross firing) on the back side of a barrel. This drill will smooth out your barrel racing runs and speed up your barrel racing times.

  • AllLeft Trot Circles for Better Barrel Racing Turns

    Popular drill for honing your barrel racing turns and improving your horsemanship with Amberley Snyder.

  • Andre Coelho's 3-Barrel Drill for Colts

    Andre Coelho demonstrates a three-barrel drill he uses to train 2-year-olds to place their feet, soften and shape through the turn.

  • The Telephone Pole Drill

    NFR qualifier and futurity horse trainer Carley Cervi demonstrates a drill to train her horses to move in and out off the circle in response to subtle cues.