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Hey barrel racers, you're going to want to watch these playlists! Carefully curated for barrel racers including topics about gear, rate and more, our playlists are here for you to use to trouble-shoot, cut time and improve your horsemanship.

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  • Making and Maintaining Top Barrel Horses

    15 items

    WPRA World Champion Barrel Racer Jordon Briggs shares her training journey with her young prospects, focusing on building responsibility and confidence on the pattern. With her 3-year-old Mr Cinnamon Roll, Briggs emphasizes the importance of gaining confidence and taking responsibility. She works...

  • The Ultimate Young Horse Guide

    29 items

    Andre Coelho, a seasoned futurity trainer and professional barrel horse expert, shares invaluable insights into his training techniques and philosophies. From discussing his preferred bits for training and competition to delving into the nuances of barrel racing in Brazil versus the United States...

  • Second and Third Barrel 101

    14 items

    Does your horse shoulder the second or third barrel, not rating or maintaining forward motion? Ride TV has all the things barrel racers need to perfecting their second and third barrel.

  • The "Money" Barrel

    11 items

    Dive into our "money" playlist and get insight from top barrel racers on mastering your first barrel.

  • Justin and Jordon Briggs' Barrel Clinic

    2 seasons

    Get in the arena with Jordon and Justin Briggs in this exclusive series featuring clinic participants and ride alongside riders as they get coached through problems and come out with real solutions.

  • Ride with Ryann Pedone

    12 items

    Ryann Pedone’s $2 Million Futurity Training Tips Now on Ride TV!
    Here's a sneak peek of what you can expect:
    1. Futurity Prospects: Discover the insider secrets to working with futurity prospects and preparing them for their crucial futurity year.
    2. Mastering the Mental Game: Learn powerful tech...

  • Equine Bodywork with Mandy Hagler

    14 items

    Stretching can help keep your horse’s muscles mobile and loose. Equine bodyworker Mandy Hagler describes how stretching can give you important information about your horse. Watch this playlist to keep your horse running at their best!

  • Sharin Hall

    24 items

    Sharin Hall is a leading futurity trainer and million-dollar rider whose horsemanship and training have evolved over the years, leading to her massive win at the Breeder’s Challenge in 2021. Hall is so committed to detail and horsemanship that she has gone to great lengths to make sure her horses...

  • Flaharty Bit Clinic

    20 items

    Troy Flaharty is known throughout the industry for his balanced and high-quality bits that horses have won millions in. You do not have to be a barrel racer to know how much barrel racers love bits, so we decided to go straight to the source. Troy is a wealth of knowledge, and it seems he has see...

  • Train with Danyelle Campbell

    8 items

    Watch Campbell work “Creed,” along with AR Dash Ta Flame, “Scoop,” a gelding Sissy Winn qualified on and ran at the 2022 NFR. Campbell also rides greener colts in her training series on, ensuring that viewers have access to all steps of her training program.

  • The Beginner's Circle

    41 items

    Explore our carefully curated playlist of beginner's barrel racing drills, where you'll discover video tutorials on the fundamental drills needed to enhance your skills and reach new heights in the arena. Regardless of your riding level, our team of professionals is dedicated to boosting your con...

  • Train with Hailey Kinsel

    3 seasons

    Dive into the expertise of 4-time World Champion Barrel Racer, Hailey Kinsel, exclusively on Ride TV! Explore a curated playlist featuring Hailey's videos, where she imparts invaluable insights, demonstrates her training techniques with young horses, and offers an exclusive look into her world al...

  • Futurity Prep: Turning Prospects into Champions

    4 seasons

    Join Jordon Briggs, Kelly Yates, Ivy Saebens, Amy Jo Reisdorfer, and more as they share their expertise on crucial aspects of barrel racing success and how to prepare for this upcoming futurity season. Discover the art of tuning young horses, as these seasoned trainers reveal their time-tested te...

  • Train with Jordon Briggs

    5 seasons

    Learn from world champion barrel racer, Jordon Briggs, as she shares her expertise on a range of topics for success in the arena. In this playlist, Jordon dives into tuning barrel horses, providing valuable insights on honing their performance to perfection. Learn from her extensive experience wo...

  • Colt Starting Masterclass with Miles Baker

    18 items

  • Barrel Racing Bits with Troy Flaharty

    20 items

    Troy Flaharty is known throughout the barrel racing industry for his balanced and high quality bits that horses have won millions in. For more than twenty years, Troy has passionately built Flaharty Bits and Spurs, making sure his products help you reach the top of your game. Watch this playlist ...

  • What Makes Great Horses Great

    6 items

    Find out what sets great horses like reigning WPRA World Champion Jordon Briggs' Rollo‚ lead futurity trainer Sharin Hall's Hello Stella and NFR qualifier Ivy Saebens' J-Lo apart from the rest. In the "What Makes Great Horses Great" playlist, gives you an exclusive glimpse into t...

  • Women in Rodeo

    15 items

    A collection of some of our favorite videos from the women who have made rodeo sport what it is today and those who continue to be leaders and role models for the next generation.

  • All About Rate

    7 items

    Learn about why rate is important, different styles of rate in horses and more from our pros. Plus, different exercises to help instill rate at home to ensure you crush it in the arena!

  • What to Expect When Your Horse Comes Back from a Colt Starter

    6 items

    You've dropped off your un-broke colt at your trusted colt-starter, but what should you expect when you go to pick them up a few weeks later? This playlist breaks it down for you.

  • Breaking Down Bits

    37 items

    Our coaches break down everything you need to know about barrel racing bits. Learn why Jordon Briggs uses a ported bit on some of her 4-year-olds, the difference between training bits and running bits from Sharin Hall, and more!