Brad Barkemeyer

Brad Barkemeyer

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Brad Barkemeyer is a team roper, reined cow horse trainer and instructor for those looking for cowboy common sense in their horsemanship. Barkemeyer’s career has spanned disciplines and associations, and he’s far more than just a trainer. Barkemeyer has taught hundreds of youth, amateurs and recreational ropers the finer points of horsemanship. Start your riding journey with Brad Barkemeyer today!

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Brad Barkemeyer
  • Sidepass Drill

    Episode 1

    Using this sidepass drill from Brad Barkemeyer will teach your horse how to listen to your cues and move away from leg pressure.

  • Stopping on Hind End

    Episode 2

    Does your horse like to slam on the brakes with his front feet? See how Brad Barkemeyer fixes this habit and helps teach his horse how to stop on his hind end.

  • Riding Without Stirrups

    Episode 3

    Riding without stirrups can benefit your body strength and balance when you're in the saddle. Brad Barkemeyer shows you some of the drills he works on with his customers.

  • Getting Lead Departures

    Episode 4

    Are you able to cue your horse off on the correct lead? Brad Barkemeyer breaks down the steps to a proper lead departure to ensure you take the correct lead every time.

  • Building Core Strength Without Stirrups

    Episode 5

    Learn how riding without stirrups will help you maintain your balance and help you ride in an athletic position. Brad Barkemeyer explains how to ride without stirrups to help build core strength, there’s more to it than you think!

  • A Perfect Circle

    Episode 6

    Can you walk a perfect circle without using your reins to keep your horse on a circle? See why Brad Barkemeyer likes to use this exercise on all his horses, regardless of their age and skill set.

  • Lope Departures

    Episode 7

    Use forward motion to improve lope departures in Western riding horses. Follow professional horseman Brad Barkemeyer's advice to improve your horse's training.

  • 7 Tips to Establish a Stop

    Episode 8

    A solid stop comes from good foundation training. Here are Brad Barkemeyer's tips to establish a stop with your Western riding horse.

  • Introduction to Sliding Stops:Lope

    Episode 9

    In the last step of this exercise, Brad Barkemeyer works his horse at the lope and starts to introduce him to the fundamentals of the sliding stop.

  • Introduction to Sliding Stops:Trot

    Episode 10

    Once your horse understands how to stop at a walk, it's time to increase the speed and test out your skills at the trot.

  • LargeCricle Drill

    Episode 11

    Once your horse can do the small and medium circles, it's time to test out your loping abilities and do the largecircle drill.

  • Teaching the Neck Rein

    Episode 12

    Brad Barkemeyer works a young horse and demonstrates how he starts introducing a horse to a neck rein.

  • SmallCircle Drill

    Episode 13

    Brad Barkemeyer has a threecircle drill he uses to help work his horse. In the first part, he works on the smallest circle, where he does things at the walk and back to get his body soft and responding to his cues.

  • MediumCircle Drill

    Episode 14

    In the second part of this drill Brad speeds things up in the mediumsized drill and shows you what you can do once you've progressed from the small circle to the medium circle.

  • How to Ride in the Show Pen

    Episode 15

    Brad talks about how you should handle certain situations in the show pen.

  • Preventing Anticipation While Stopping

    Episode 16

    In this video, Brad talks about how to prevent your horse from anticipating when you ask them to stop.

  • Keeping the Bend While Stopping

    Episode 17

    Brad Barkemeyer shows how you can keep your horse bent properly through a stop transition. He explains why this is an important part of your horse's training and shows how you can work on it at home.

  • Introduction to Sliding Stops:Walk

    Episode 18

    In events like cow horse and reining, a horse needs to be able to do a sliding stop. Brad Barkemeyer shows you the beginning stages to teaching a horse how to stop.

  • Center Your Circles

    Episode 19

    Ever watch the reining portion of a pattern and see riders who struggle with hitting the center marker and keeping their circles even? As a showman it’s important that you locate the middle of your pattern so you can properly guide your horse in a true circle. Brad Barkemeyer offers his tips for ...