Breaking Down Bits

Breaking Down Bits

The "Breaking Down Bits" video series on Ride TV provides an in-depth exploration of the various types of bits used in horse training and riding, demystifying their functions and applications. Led by knowledgeable experts, this series explains the mechanics, uses, and effects of different bits on horse communication and control. Each video offers detailed insights into selecting the appropriate bit for specific training needs, understanding bit pressure points, and ensuring proper fit for the horse's comfort and performance. Whether you are a novice rider or an experienced equestrian, "Breaking Down Bits" equips you with essential knowledge to make informed decisions about bit selection, enhancing your overall horsemanship and improving the horse-rider partnership.

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Breaking Down Bits
  • Shali Lords Favorite Bits

    Shali Lord shows us a few of her favorite bits for barrel racing and explains how they work.

  • Favorite Bits for Tuneups and Running Barrels

    Shali Lord talks about several of the favorite bits.

  • Family Ties with Kelly Yates

    Kelly Yates shares how her family has positively impacted her professional career.

  • Competition Bits with Kelly Yates

    Kelly Yates shows us a few of her favoriate competition bits and discusses how each one works to suit different styles of horses.

  • Bit Progression

    Justin Briggs discusses how he progresses from riding colts in a halter through to the snaffle and curb bits, as well as discussing the bits he uses when heading and heeling on Rollo.

  • Introducing a Curb Bit

    Horseman Justin Briggs shows the typical progression of his program as he introduces a 3yearold Mr Cinnamon Roll x Dash Ta Fame to the curb bit.

  • Touring the Bit Room

    NFR qualifier Ivy Saebens walks us through her tack room and talks about the bits that fit her hands the best and why, as well as which ones she uses to help JLo stay sharp and compete optimally.

  • Favorite Barrel Racing Bits

    Jordon Briggs talks about several of her favorite bits that she runs and trains in and how each functions.

  • Barrel Racing Bits

    Learn about different barrel racing bits and what Jane Melby likes to use with her barrel horses.

  • Walking the Third Barrel on Foot

    Jane has her students walk the third and final barrel on foot so that they know their path.

  • Bit Progression with Andre Coelho

    Futurity trainer Andre Coelho talks about the bits he prefers to use for training and competition and why he prefers them.

  • Tack Room Sneak Peak: Bits

    From her love of ported bits to her snaffle preferences, Cheyenne Wimberley invites us into her expansive tack room to take a look at which tools she likes the best and why.

  • Bit Preferences and Progression

    Two-time National Finals Rodeo qualifier Carley Cervi shows us her preferred bits, how they function, which bits she regards as must-haves and when to use leather or chain curbs and why.