4 Seasons

Join RIDE TV as we follow the women of competitive Ranch Bronc Riding in Texas. A rodeo sport that involves holding on for 8 dangerous seconds on top of a 1,200 pound bucking horse, these women embody the grit and determination that deserves the title of Cowgirl. What has been traditionally a man's sport, Ranch Bronc Riding is now exploding in Texas and women from all over the country are making their way to the Lone Star state. Watch all 3 seasons of Cowgirls only on Ride TV!

  • Pilot

    Episode 1

    The pilot episode of "Cowgirls" spotlights the revival of women's bronc riding, featuring a group of determined female riders challenging the male-dominated rodeo world. It interlaces their personal journeys with the historical context of women in rodeo, referencing pioneers like Lucille Mulhall ...

  • So Falls Wichita Falls

    Episode 2

    Step into the exhilarating world of 'Cowgirls Season 1' on Ride TV Go, where the spirit of the wild west comes alive with the grit and grace of cowgirls. From their first ride in Graham, Texas, to the electric atmosphere these fearless women showcase their unwavering determination in front of pac...

  • The Agony of Defeat and Thrill of Victory

    Episode 3

    Catch the latest episode of Ride TV Go's "Cowgirls" for an adrenaline-fueled journey into the heart of rodeo life. This episode dives into the challenges and triumphs of female bronc riders as they navigate the rough and tumble world of professional rodeo. From the muddy arenas of Wichita Falls t...

  • Tripping in Dripping Springs

    Episode 4

    Embark on a thrilling journey with "Cowgirls Season 1," where the grit and determination of these daring women shine through every ride and fall. Witness their battles against the toughest broncs in Lockhart, where challenges pushed them to their limits, cheering each other on despite the odds. E...

  • A Bastrop Homecoming

    Episode 5

    Ride TV Go presents an exciting and deeply immersive experience into the world of rodeo with their show "Cowgirls." Set against the backdrop of the vibrant rodeo scene in Texas, the show follows a group of determined cowgirls as they navigate the challenges and triumphs of competitive bronc ridin...

  • Looking Ahead Through the Past

    Episode 6

    Immerse yourself in the riveting world of "Cowgirls" on Ride TV Go, a series that captures the heart and spirit of rodeo life in America. This episode takes you to Henrietta, Texas, for one of the most anticipated legacy rodeos, an event so exclusive and cherished that seats are handed down throu...

  • Finals in Glen Rose

    Episode 7

    Join us as we follow a group of fearless cowgirls on their journey through the gritty, mud-splattered arenas of Texas bronc riding. Watch as these tenacious women, each with her own unique story, tackle the challenging broncs of Henrietta and beyond, boosting their confidence and honing their ski...

  • Inside RIDE: Cowgirls, Season 1

    Episode 8

    A behind-the-scenes recap with Anthony Lucia and the cowgirls as they share their memories from this rodeo season.