3 Seasons

Join RIDE TV as we follow the women of competitive Ranch Bronc Riding in Texas. A rodeo sport that involves holding on for 8 dangerous seconds on top of a 1,200 pound bucking horse, these women embody the grit and determination that deserves the title of Cowgirl. What has been traditionally a man's sport, Ranch Bronc Riding is now exploding in Texas and women from all over the country are making their way to the Lone Star state. Season 3 of Cowgirls starts August 24, 2023!

  • Pilot

    Episode 1

    The Cowgirls arrive from all over the country to bring back the long-lost art of female ranch bronc riding in Graham and Poteet, TX, with a little rest and celebration along the Riverwalk of San Antonio.

  • So Falls Wichita Falls

    Episode 2

    The Cowgirls come together in Wichita Falls, TX for their third try at ranch bronc riding. Duke shows the ropes at home with Joe and little Joe; and bucking horse breeder Steve watches his weanlings and colts to see if they have what it takes.

  • The Agony of Defeat and Thrill of Victory

    Episode 3

    The Cowgirls quickly learn the riding ranch bronc can be a dangerous sport, and are reminded that these girls are family as they marvel at Billi’s close call.

  • Tripping in Dripping Springs

    Episode 4

    "The Cowgirls meet up in Dripping Springs TX. Rainey shares her loping skills then joins the girls in Gatesville. As they conquer their fears, Duke brushes off another close call. "

  • A Bastrop Homecoming

    Episode 5

    Brittany and Sarah show their dedication outside of the rodeo, and join the Cowgirls in Bastrop for a Texas-style Homecoming and Rodeo.

  • Looking Ahead Through the Past

    Episode 6

    Jane works on bronc riding in Colorado, while the girls come together in Henrietta, Texas, and take time to honor the brave cowgirls before them.

  • Finals in Glen Rose

    Episode 7

    The girls wrap up the rodeo season with one final adventure together in Glen Rose, Texas and a chance to celebrate together.

  • Inside RIDE: Cowgirls, Season 1

    Episode 8

    A behind-the-scenes recap with Anthony Lucia and the cowgirls as they share their memories from this rodeo season.