Crystal McNutt's Reining Masterclass

Crystal McNutt's Reining Masterclass

Train with NRHA Professional, Crystal McNutt in her new reining masterclass series on Ride TV! New episodes dropping every week.

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Crystal McNutt's Reining Masterclass
  • Crystal McNutt's Reining Masterclass Workbook

    4.61 MB

    Elevate your reining training with this specially curated workbook. Print out, keep in your tack room or desk, follow along, take notes, make goals, and more with Crystal McNutt!

  • Reining Warm-Up

    Crystal McNutt goes through her daily warm up she does with her reining horses to help evaluate what she's going to work on each day.

  • Leg Position for Western Riding

    Crystal McNutt goes over basic leg position you need for Western riding, and then shows you a couple of drills you can do at home to help strengthen your legs.

  • Mentally Preparing For Your Ride

    Crystal McNutt offers some advice on how to mentally prepare yourself for your ride.

  • Tips for Non-Pro Riders

    Crystal McNutt shares invaluable advice with non-pro riders, drawing from her years of experience in the industry. Her top tip? "Speed kills." McNutt emphasizes the importance of maintaining the right pace during circle work to minimize mistakes.

  • Turnaround Practice

    Crystal McNutt shows you how she practices the turnaround at home.

  • Schooling Flying Lead Changes

    These flying lead change drills will keep your horse from anticipating the flying lead change and focusing more on body control.