Horse Buying 101 with Brad Barkemeyer

Horse Buying 101 with Brad Barkemeyer

Discover how to find the perfect horse with Brad Barkemeyer's expert guidance in this comprehensive playlist. Learn the essential checklist for purchasing a new horse, understand how to evaluate a horse's skills through pattern work, and follow Brad's process as he and his non-pro riders test potential mounts. From checking basic maneuvers and stops to assessing abilities on live cattle and flags, this series offers invaluable insights for both novice and experienced riders. Watch as Brad coaches his non-pro rider through each step, ensuring they find the right fit for their reined cow horse events. Whether you're new to horse buying or looking to refine your approach, this playlist is your go-to resource.

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Horse Buying 101 with Brad Barkemeyer
  • Horse Shopping: Flag Work

    Before you work a horse you're looking to buy on live cattle, it's best to test their skills on a flag to see what they can or can't already do.

  • Horse Shopping: Cow Work

    If you're looking to buy a horse for reined cow horse events, it's important to test a horse's ability on live cattle. This can help you decide if it's going to be the right show horse for you.

  • Horse Shopping: Sliding Stops

    After watching his non-pro rider test out a horse's sliding stop, Brad decides to get in the saddle to see if the problems the rider is running into is horse related or rider related.

  • Horse Shopping: Testing a Sliding Stop with a Non Pro Rider

    Testing different maneuvers can help you decide if this is the right horse for you. Brad Barkemeyer coaches his non-pro rider through testing this horse's stop to see if it'll be the right fit for her.

  • Horse Shopping For a Non Pro Rider

    After Brad Barkemeyer has a chance to ride the new horse and see what he does or doesn't know, he's going to let his non-pro rider, the one looking to buy the horse, try him out. Here he goes through some of the basics he has his non-pros do when they're trying a new horse.

  • Horse Shopping Pattern Work

    Once you've gone through your checklist, test the horse's skills on pattern work to see what he knows and what he doesn't. Depending on what you're looking for, this will help you better understand if this is the right horse for you.

  • Horse Shopping Checklist

    What do you do when you're purchasing a new horse? Brad Barkemeyer goes over the checklist he likes to use when helping a non-pro rider find their next mount.