How-To: Flying Changes

How-To: Flying Changes

Lead changes are a critical maneuver in many Western performance events. From simple to flying, our coaches take you through the process of how to ace them.

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How-To: Flying Changes
  • Introduction to Ranch Riding: Flying Lead Change

    The next step in working with a rider who is new to the ranch riding is the lead change. Bud Lyon discusses when to use a flying lead change and shows a new rider how to cue for a flying lead change.

  • Flying Lead Change Hourglass Drill

    Keith Ceddia goes over an hourglass drill he likes to use on his horses to help them with their flying lead changes and body control.

  • Flying Lead Change Body Control

    Before you attempt a flying lead change, you need to make sure that you have total control of your horse's body. NRHA Professional Keith Ceddia shows you how he gains control in his horse's body before asking for a flying lead change.

  • Flying Lead Change Approach

    In order to have a smooth flying lead change, you need to know how to properly approach the flying lead change. Will and Elizabeth show you how they approach changing leads.