Reining training videos to help improve your horse's circle, spin, and sliding stop. Tips to make your reining maneuvers easier.

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  • Mentally Preparing For Your Ride

    Crystal McNutt offers some advice on how to mentally prepare yourself for your ride.

  • Schooling Flying Lead Changes

    These flying lead change drills will keep your horse from anticipating the flying lead change and focusing more on body control.

  • Reining Warm-Up

    Crystal McNutt goes through her daily warm up she does with her reining horses to help evaluate what she's going to work on each day.

  • Fencing a Horse

    Bud Lyon explains and demonstrates fencing on a 3-year-old prospect. He explains how to properly fence a horse, what the benefits are, and why he uses it in his training program.

  • Riding Fundamentals: Reverse Arc at Trot

    Bud Lyon explains how to use the reverse arc in your warm-up at the trot.

  • Riding Fundamentals: Hip Control

    Bud Lyon tests hip control by using leg pressure. He talks about how to isolate the hip to move the horse's hip and stay soft.

  • Keep Your Horse Mentally Happy

    If you want your horse to have a long and happy career in the show pen, you need to make sure you're giving your horse time to mentally and physically recover from an event. Ryan Rushing goes over what he likes to do to get a horse prepared for a large event, and then how he lets them recover aft...

  • Riding Fundamentals: Reverse Arc

    Bud Lyon demonstrates how to complete a reverse arc and how it can help your horse.

  • Ranch Riding Horse VS. Reining Horse

    Learn from Bud Lyon what to look for in a ranch riding prospect versus a reining prospect.

  • Dropping Shoulder in a Circle

    Bud Lyon gives his favorite exercises to help a horse from dropping his shoulder in a circle.

  • Performance Horse Prospects

    What does Bud Lyon look for in a performance horse prospect? The answer is more complicated than you might think.

  • Dropping Shoulder in a Spin

    Does your horse drop its shoulder in the spin? Bud Lyon explains how to keep your horse's shoulder up in the reining pattern.

  • Green Horse: Counter Canter

    Bud Lyon demonstrates how to cue for the counter canter on a green 2-year-old and explains why the counter canter can be beneficial to the horse's training.

  • Plant the Pivot Foot

    A belly turn won't get you the points you want. Bud Lyon offers advice for helping your horse plant his pivot foot.

  • Green Horse: Turnaround

    Bud Lyon continues his green horse series by teaching the turnaround to a 2-year-old reining prospect.

  • Young Horse Warm-Up Exercises Part 1

    Bud Lyon takes us through his checklist for a 3-year-old reining horse prospect.

  • Green Horse Right-to-Left Lead Change

    Forward motion. Lateral movement. Elevation. These three things are Bud Lyon's key components to a successful flying lead change. In this video, Bud schools a young horse to help him get a successful right-to-left lead change.

  • Body Control During a Flying Lead Change

    Before you attempt a flying lead change, you need to make sure that you have total control of your horse's body. NRHA Professional Keith Ceddia shows you how he gains control in his horse's body before asking for a flying lead change.

  • 2-Year-Old Reining Prospect Warm Up

    NRHA professional Peter DeFreitas discusses the warm-up routine he uses for young reining prospects. He notes a few specific exercises he starts with and how the horse should feel before he moves on to more advanced work.

  • Intro to Reining: Identifying Problems in the Rundown

    Keith Ceddia has another horse and rider go through the checkpoints of the rundown to identify what problems they're running into and how they can fix them.

  • Intro to Reining: Rundown Drill

    This dog-bone drill is going to help your horse stay honest in the rundowns and have a better sliding stop.

  • Intro to Reining: Large, Fast Circle Steering Drill

    Improve your steering in your large, fast circles with this steering drill from professional Keith Ceddia.

  • Intro to Reining: Small Circle Steering Drill

    Keith Ceddia goes over his cassette-tape drill and how it will help improve guiding in the small, slow circles.

  • Intro to Reining: Three Checkpoints to a Good Stop

    There are three checkpoints you should check off when practicing your sliding stops at home. Keith Ceddia goes over every part of the rundown and stop and what you need to do during each checkpoint.