Reining training videos to help improve your horse's circle, spin, and sliding stop. Tips to make your reining maneuvers easier.

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  • Intro to Reining: Body Position in the Spin

    Use this drill to help improve your horse's body control in the reining spin.

  • Intro to Reining: Putting Together Parts of the Pattern

    After completing a few drills to prepare a horse for a reining pattern, Keith Ceddia has his non-pro rider run through parts of a reining pattern to see how her horse's body control has improved

  • Intro to Reining: Softening Your Horse's Body

    Keith Ceddia shows you a few different exercises you can use to help soften your horse' body and prepare him for a reining pattern.

  • Intro to Reining: Understanding Body Position

    Body control and body position are both important parts of a reining pattern. In this video, Keith Ceddia goes over basic body control exercises and how he expects his horses to go around when riding them through a pattern.

  • Intro to Reining: Building a Good Spin

    Learn how to start and stop a spin, how to add speed to the spin, and learn some of the dos and don'ts to plussing this reining maneuver.

  • Intro to Reining: Pattern Placement for the Rundown

    Pattern placement is a major part of reining. In this video, Keith Ceddia goes over the basics of rundown pattern placement and a few things you can do at home to help improve your timing throughout these maneuvers.

  • Intro to Reining: Circling Your Horse

    Keith Ceddia goes over the basics of each reining maneuver, starting with the large, fast circle and the small, slow circle, and shows you a couple of different drills you can do at home to help you get comfortable with pattern placement and getting comfortable with speed transitions.

  • Combining the Stop and the Rollback

    In a reining pattern, you're required to stop your horse and immediately rollback. Ryan Rushing demonstrates how to combine the two so you can increase your score in the show pen.

  • Basics of the Rollback

    Do you know the difference between turning your horse and asking your horse to rollback? Ryan Rushing goes over the basics of the rollback and how to school it.

  • How to Avoid Burnout

    If you constantly do the same thing over and over with your horse, there's a chance he will eventually get burned out and bored. Ryan Rushing offers his tips on how he avoids burnout in a horse and keeps his training program fun and exciting.

  • Horse Show Warm Up

    The way you warm up your horse at home and the way you warm him up at horse shows differs. Ryan Rushing goes over his horse show warm up so you can try it out at your next show.

  • Basics of the Rundown:Softening the Stop

    If your horse gets tight or braces when you go to ask for a sliding stop, you might need to spend more time on your rundown. Ryan Rushing shows you how he likes to soften up a horse that gets tight when he stops.

  • Basics of the Rundown:Staying Round and Relaxed

    Does your horse stay rounded and relaxed when you're working on your rundowns? Ryan Rushing goes over the next step in his rundown series where he covers the importance of keeping your horse rounded and relaxed so he can stop his best.

  • Basics of the Rundown:Building Speed

    To ace your sliding stop, you need to understand the basics of the rundown. In the next step in this drill Ryan Rushing goes over how to build speed in your rundown so you're going your max speed when it comes time to stop.

  • Basics of the Rundown:Staying Straight

    Before you can ask your horse to do a sliding stop, you need to ensure that your horse is comfortable going straight when asking for more speed. Ryan Rushing goes over the basics of the rundown so you can improve your stop.

  • Body Position for Reining Spins

    Do you know how to stay centered in your saddle when you're asking your horse to perform reining spins? Ryan Rushing talks about body position during spins and how he stays in the middle of his horse during this extremely quick maneuver.

  • Body Position for Reining Circles

    You see some riders lean forward in their large, fast circles, while others sit back and use their seat to push their horse forward. Ryan Rushing talks about body position during reining circles and why he likes to ride them a certain way.

  • Basics of the Rundown

    To have a good sliding stop you need to have a good rundown. Ryan Rushing goes over the basics of the rundown and what your horse should be doing before you ever ask him to stop.

  • Correcting the Slow-Down Transition

    When you ask your horse to go from a fast lope to a slower one, your horse should respond almost immediately to the cue. If he doesn't, try this drill from Ryan Rushing.

  • Practicing Your Reining Pattern at Home

    Sometimes people don't like to practice their patterns at home to avoid having their horse anticipate the patterns, especially when working with a reining horse where there are only a select few patterns to choose from. Learn why Ryan Rushing prefers to have his non pros practice their patterns a...

  • Putting Together a Reining Pattern

    Ryan Rushing goes through a reining pattern with one of his non pros to go over some of the strengths and weaknesses he sees. This way they can work on those maneuvers before heading to a horse show.

  • At-Home Show Prep

    Do you know how to prepare for the horse shows before you even get to the horse show? Reining professional Ryan Rushing shows you the drills he likes to do with his non pros to ensure they're ready when it comes time to head to a horse show.

  • Avoiding Too Much Speed in the Rundown

    Does your horse try to go without you in the rundowns of a reining pattern? Keith Ceddia shows you what to do to avoid having too much speed in the rundown.

  • Fencing Your Reining Horse

    NRHA Professional Keith Ceddia goes over the basics of fencing a reining horse and the reasons you might see someone fencing their horse at horse shows.