Mini Horses Big Hearts

Mini Horses Big Hearts

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Mini Horses Big Hearts
  • Mini Horses, Big Hearts

    Rescuing miniature horses are Josh Dolan’s and Alex Granato’s everyday. Watch as they move their entire operation of 28 minis, 12 show horses, 4 dogs, 4 cats, 3 goats, and 4 fish from Florida to Kentucky, all while rescuing and rehoming two miniature horses in Oklahoma, plus a surprise exotic ani...


  • Mini Horses Big Hearts

    Thursday, Dec. 10 (10/9c; 1/12a)
    Friday, Dec. 11 (9/8c; 12/11c; 3/2a)
    Saturday, Dec. 12 (8/7a; 11/10a)
    Sunday, Dec. 13 (3/2c)
    Monday, Dec. 14 (8/7c; 11/10c; 2/1a)
    Saturday, Dec. 19 (8/7a)