Problem Solving

Problem Solving

Transform your approach to riding challenges with Ride TV's Problem Solving video series playlist. This expertly curated collection provides practical solutions and expert advice for addressing common horse behavior issues and training obstacles. The Problem Solving playlist features top trainers and horse behavior specialists, covering topics such as overcoming spooking, improving ground manners, and resolving riding difficulties. Ideal for both novice and experienced horse owners, this series offers valuable techniques to enhance your horsemanship and build a stronger, more harmonious relationship with your horse. Tune in to Ride TV's Problem Solving video series to gain the skills and confidence needed to tackle any riding challenge.

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Problem Solving
  • Trailer Loading Problems

    Monique Potts works with a client who struggles with loading their horse into a trailer and breaks down how they can fix it.

  • Dropping Shoulder in a Circle

    Bud Lyon gives his favorite exercises to help a horse from dropping his shoulder in a circle.

  • Fix a Sticky Backup

    Backing is one of the most important skills to teach his horse according to Brad Barkemeyer. In this video Brad helps a horse improve his back up.

  • Use What Works for Your Horse

    Brad Barkemeyer reminisces on how he makes decisions regarding his horses.

  • Common Backing Mistakes

    Are you pulling too much in the back? Brad Barkemeyer talks through how to cue for the back.

  • Using Your Legs for Collection

    Bud Lyon explains when to use your legs to achieve collections, especially when the horse may already be heavy in the bridle.

  • Riding a Looky Horse

    Do you find your horse disconnected to you when you get in the saddle? Monique Potts shows you how you can warm up a looky horse to get his attention off his surroundings and back on the rider.

  • Working a Gate on a Nervous Horse

    If your horse is nervous when you go to work a gate with him, use this drill from natural horsemanship instructor Monique Potts.

  • Introducing a Horse to Obstacles in the Saddle

    Once you've done your groundwork, you can start introducing your horse to new obstacles in the saddle. Monique Potts shows you how she likes to first introduce a horse to a new obstacle in the saddle.

  • Warming Up in a New Enviornment

    When you take your horse to a foreign facility, it's extremely important to warm up and make sure that your horse's attention is on you and not everything going on around him. Monique Potts shows you what she likes to do when she rides a horse in a new place for the first time.

  • Failure is How You Learn