Ranch Riding

Ranch Riding

Bud Lyon, Cody Crow, and more help perfect your ranch riding horsemanship and improve your performance in the arena.

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Ranch Riding
  • Performing Ranch Riding Pattern 12

    Bud Lyon takes us through the complete Ranch Riding Pattern 12. Get an immersive experience as you ride along with Bud in this pattern.

  • Rider Position Over Trot Logs

    "Look where you want to go." Bud Lyon explains your body position and where your eyes should be looking when you're riding over trot poles in the ranch riding.

  • Introduction to Ranch Riding: Working the Trot

    Is your horse reaching at the extended trot or just going faster when you’re trotting? Are you standing up in your stirrups or do you prefer posting? These are all things to think about when you’re practicing the trot for a ranch riding event. 

  • Rail Work: Walk and Extended Walk

    Cody Crow breaks down the difference between a regular walk and an extended walk for the rail work portion of a ranch versatility competition.

  • Rail Work: Extended Lope to Extended Trot

    In the ranch rail (or riding depending on the association) portion of a ranch versatility events, you're required to perform different gait transitions and extensions at different parts of the arena. Cody Crow shows you how he likes to go from an extended lope to an extended trot in this event.

  • Rail Work: Lope to Walk Transition

    A more difficult transition you might have to do in a ranch rail class is the lope to walk transition. A pointearning transition would include your horse being able to go from a lope to a walk without any hesitation and without breaking into a jog first. Cody Crow shows you how to master this par...

  • Ranch Riding Horse VS. Reining Horse

    Learn from Bud Lyon what to look for in a ranch riding prospect versus a reining prospect.

  • Performance Horse Prospects

    What does Bud Lyon look for in a performance horse prospect? The answer is more complicated than you might think.

  • Rail Work: Extended Trot to Jog Transition

    Teach your horse how to go from an extended trot to a jog for ranch rail and ranch riding competition.

  • Ranch Cutting: Turnback Help, Keeping Your Horse Straight

    As Group A continues their first cutting practice, Cody describes the benefit of turnback help. Then, he gathers the group and has them strategize for their second attempt at the ranch cutting.

  • Ranch Cutting: Satisfy the Deep Cut and First Cutting Practice

    Cody Crow kicks off the ranch cutting part of the AHA clinic by discussing how to satisfy a deep cut from the herd, and starting clinic attendees in their first attempt at making a cut.

  • Horse Breaks Into a Lope From an Extended Trot

    Bud Lyon helps encourage a horse to be more confident in the extended trot to help prevent them from breaking into the lope.

  • Introduction to Ranch Riding: Extend the Walk

    Have you ever wondered how to teach your horse to extend the walk? Bud Lyon breaks down the basics of extending the walk and works with a rider who is new to the ranch riding learn how to properly ask her horse to walk so he doesn’t break into a trot during a ranch riding class.

  • Plant the Pivot Foot

    A belly turn won't get you the points you want. Bud Lyon offers advice for helping your horse plant his pivot foot.

  • Introduction to Ranch Riding: Flying Lead Change

    The next step in working with a rider who is new to the ranch riding is the lead change. Bud Lyon discusses when to use a flying lead change and shows a new rider how to cue for a flying lead change.

  • Trotting the Log

    Cadence is key. Bud Lyon helps you set your horse up for success when trotting over logs in a ranch riding pattern.

  • Turnarounds

    Bud Lyon talks a non-pro through how to properly execute a turnaround.

  • Getting Out of a Riding Slump

    How does Bud Lyon get out of a riding slump? He explains his mental strategy in this video.

  • Develop a Young Horse at his own Pace

    Bud Lyon talks through his "benchmarks" when evaluating a prospect.

  • Body Positioning During Extended Gaits

    Bud Lyon explains how you should ride the extended gaits in the ranch riding.

  • Versatility Ranch Horse Tack and Gear

    Cody Crow breaks down the different tack and gear he uses in the versatility ranch horse, and why he likes to use it for multiple events.

  • Versatility Ranch Horse Rail Work

    One of the events in a versatility ranch horse includes doing rail work to show how your horse moves and responds to transitions and cues. Cody Crow breaks down the basics of it.

  • What to Look For in a Versatility Ranch Horse Prospect

    Here's what Cody Crow looks for in a versatility ranch horse prospect.

  • Versatility Ranch Horse Events

    Do you know what events take places during a versatility ranch horse competition? Cody Crow goes over the different events you'll be expected to compete in when you attend a versatility ranch horse show.