Tack and Gear

Tack and Gear

Whether you've just started riding Western or are adding to your Western tack collection, choosing the right equipment for you and your horse can be daunting. Learn from Bud Lyon, Brad Barkemeyer, Amberley Snyder, Al Dunning, and Ken McNabb on the best western horse training tack and gear to keep safe while working with your horse.

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Tack and Gear
  • Picking Out the Right Cinch

    Learn what Ryan Rushing looks for when he's picking out what kind of cinch he wants to use with his horse.

  • Saddle Placement

    Learn proper saddle placement so your horse stays comfortable for the entire duration of your ride.

  • Saddle Pad Placement

    Where you place your saddle pad determines how your saddle fits your horse. Ryan Rushing shows you where he likes to place his saddle pad to ensure his horse stays comfortable during his riding session.

  • Saddle Pad Selection

    There are so many saddle-pad selections available, it's hard to know what to look for. Ryan Rushing goes over some of the saddle pads he likes to use, and why he uses them, to ensure proper saddle fit.

  • Headstall Adjustments

    Ryan Rushing shows you some basic headstall adjustments he makes to ensure his bridle fits his horse properly and the bit is in the proper place.

  • Using Skid Boots

    When should you use skid boots? Ryan Rushing goes over this very popular piece of gear and why you see reining and cow horses using them.

  • Wrapping Your Horse's Hind Legs

    Ryan Rushing shows you how he likes to wrap his horse's back legs to protect his horse's legs during reining competition.

  • Front Leg Protection for Reining Horses

    Ryan Rushing goes over what kind of leg protection he uses on his horses' front legs and why it's important to use leg gear in an event like the reining.

  • Twisted Snaffle

    Learn about the twisted snaffle from Al Dunning.

  • How to Use Spurs

    Learn about spurs from Al Dunning.

  • Smooth Snaffle

    Learn about smooth snaffles from Al Dunning.

  • Martingales

    Learn about martingales with Al Dunnings.

  • Hackamores

    Learn about hackamores with Al Dunning.

  • German Martingale

    Learn about German martingales from Al Dunning.

  • Understanding and Using Cavessons

    Learn about cavessons, how they work, and when to use them with Al Dunning.

  • Understand a Bit's Purchase

    Al Dunning talks about the parts of a bit and shows how your horse's bit works with the curb strap.

  • Transitioning from Snaffle to Bit

    Take your time before you advance from snaffle to bit in Western riding. Al Dunning explains when he knows to transition his horses bits as they advance in their training.

  • How to Tie a Hackamore

    Understand how to tie a hackamore with Al Dunning's advice. Improve your hackamore knowledge and Western horsemanship by learning how to properly tie a hackamore.

  • Solid Mouthpieces

    Al Dunning explains how solid mouthpieces work for the Western riding bridle. Understand what makes a solid mouthpiece cowhorse legal for AQHA classes.

  • All About Romal Reins

    Al Dunning tells all about romal reins. Know how to use Western romal reins and what will result in disqualification in the show pen.

  • Do You Have A Real Show Horse?

    Al Dunning describes a real Western riding show horse. Turn your horse into a real show horse with Al Dunning's advice.

  • Know Your Hackamores

    Choose the hackamore that fits your riding style with Al Dunning's advice. Improve your horsemanship and Western riding by understanding how hackamores work.

  • Correction Bits

    Learn about correction bits.

  • Bridle Horse Tack and Gear

    Before Brad Barkemeyer starts warming his horse up to work cattle, he goes over the tack and gear his horse currently has on and why he uses that particular set up on this horse.