Train with Jordon Briggs

Train with Jordon Briggs

5 Seasons

Learn from world champion barrel racer, Jordon Briggs, as she shares her expertise on a range of topics for success in the arena. In this playlist, Jordon dives into tuning barrel horses, providing valuable insights on honing their performance to perfection. Learn from her extensive experience working with young horses, uncovering the techniques that lay the foundation for future champions. Get an exclusive look into the journey of AQHA/WPRA Horse of the Year, Famous Lil Jet "Rollo," and the valuable lessons learned along the way.

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Train with Jordon Briggs
  • Tuning: The Horse That's Too Mature

    Episode 1

    Jordon instructs a student at the trainer's clinic who is riding a 2-year-old gelding that is started on the barrels and loping a smooth pattern. She explains how to handle a horse that excels nearly too quickly on the pattern and recommends things like having somebody rope off the gelding to kee...

  • Tuning: Correcting the "Spoiled Toddler," Young Horse

    Episode 2

    A student at the Briggs' trainer's clinic shows Jordon and Justin where her young horse is at on the pattern and slow works her. Jordon and Justin break down the horse's weak points and explain how the filly is behaving like a "spoiled brat," and what a trainer can do to work through that mentali...

  • Tuning: Jordon Jumps on A Green Horse

    Episode 3

    Jordon works with a student whose horse is struggling with dumping in the front end. She decides to step on the horse, and works it on and off the barrels, then gives her diagnosis.

  • Tuning: Creating a Balanced Horse

    Episode 4

    Justin Briggs has ridden a lot of young horses that develop to be taller in the hind end before their front end catches up. Justin explains how he works his horses to help them level out without constricting their neck and forward movement. Then, he gets on this student's horse and demonstrates h...

  • Tuning: Transitioning to One-Handed Slow Work

    Episode 5

    A student Jordon dubs "the control freak," works through slow work on the pattern and tries to drop to one hand on the reins through the pattern. Jordon explains why this will help her horse and how she can empower him to be more automatic.

  • Tuning: The "Sticky" Spot

    Episode 6

    Jordon works with a student whose horse has an attitude about a part of his run, which she calls the "sticky spot." Learn how Briggs recommends fixing this problem and working with a horse that can catch an attitude during tuning.