Training to Win

Training to Win

Winning in barrel racing takes skill, practice, and a deep understanding of your horse's capabilities and limitations. Learn what it takes to make it to the top with training breakdowns from Hailey Kinsel, Jordon Briggs, Danyelle Campbell and more.

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Training to Win
  • Freeing up the Horse's Body

    Justin helps a student at the Briggs clinic work with her younger horse who is showing her stiffness through the hip and shoulders. He explains how he uses his seat and hands to teach horses how to respond to different cues and stay loose through their body during the ride. They also work on the ...

  • Common Training Pitfalls

    Sharin Hall talks about a few common barrel horse training pitfalls, how to avoid them, and the foundational training philosophies she's built her program around.

  • Hauling and Seasoning Young Horses

    Leading futurity trainer Sharin Hall goes through her process of hauling and seasoning and what type of horse will make it as a 4yearold futurity horse.

  • Rating Horses with Your Body Cues

    Sharin Hall talks about how to signal horses to slow down, get their hip underneath them and shoulder up for the perfect turn.

  • Loping Lefts and Rights

    To keep her horses listening, staying between her hands and driving through the turns, leading trainer Sharin Hall uses "Lefts and Rights."

  • Setting The Pocket For Each Barrel

    Sharin Hall has a different pocket for each barrel and uses the length of her horse's body and stride to help gauge the depth she allows around the turns.

  • The Two Wall Drill

    Sharin Hall's "Two Wall Drill" is an exercise she uses to reinforce forward motion and straight lines to get faster smoother runs.

  • The Importance of Bit Guards

    Sharin Hall uses bit guards and explains why this is an important detail you shouldn't overlook.

  • Be Consistent With Your Cues

    Sharin Hall instills patience and responsiveness in her futurity prospects through consistent cues.

  • Forward Motion for the Turns

    Leading barrel futurity horse trainer Sharin Hall demonstrates how to develop muscle memory while training for forward motion and getting gradually tighter turns.

  • Building Strength to Tighten Turns

    Sharin Hall trains her barrel racing prospects to hold frame in perfect, correct circles, which creates smooth barrel turns as she gradually builds strength in her young horses.

  • Lateral and Vertical Softness

    Leading barrel horse trainer Sharin Hall discusses her futurity timeline and how she trains for lateral and vertical flexion by using leg pressure, rein pressure and different bits.

  • What to Look For in a Prospect

    Meet a few of leading trainer Sharin Hall's young prospects and get her take on what she looks for in a prospect from bloodlines to conformation.

  • Nutrition and Supplements

    Sharin Hall goes through her feed room and talks about the benefits of various supplements she uses and explains why they are effective products for the horses in her program.

  • Shifting Successfully from Trainer Mode to Jockey Mode

    Training your brain to move from trainer mode to jockey mode with professional barrel racer Sharin Hall.

  • Instilling Confidence & Control in Race Breds

    Leading barrel horse trainer Sharin Hall talks about how she establishes control and instills confidence in her running bred barrel prospects.

  • A WellRounded Training Philosophy

    From bloodlines to conformation and everyday attention to each small detail, Sharin Hall outlines the elements that comprise her training program.

  • Keys to Winning with Different Styles of Horses

    Leading rider Sharin Hall talks about a few of the definitive horses of her barrel racing career and what they've taught her about the training process.

  • Shali Lords Favorite Bits

    Shali Lord shows us a few of her favorite bits for barrel racing and explains how they work.

  • Riding a Ratey Horse

    Shali Lord talks about how to ride a ratey style of barrel horse by adjusting your timing on the pattern.

  • Off Pattern Work to Keep Barrel Horses Sharp

    Maintaining softness and responsiveness in your barrel horse with Shali Lord.

  • Different Turning Styles of Barrel Horses

    How to ride different turning styles of barrel horses.

  • Gate Issues

    Kelly Yates demonstrates the proper and improper application of splint boots.

  • Aprroaching and Rating the First Barrel

    A look at different types of tiedowns and the circumstances in which you might consider using one with Kelly Yates.