Training to Win

Training to Win

Winning in barrel racing takes skill, practice, and a deep understanding of your horse's capabilities and limitations. Learn what it takes to make it to the top with training breakdowns from Hailey Kinsel, Jordon Briggs, Danyelle Campbell and more.

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Training to Win
  • Keeping it Simple on the 4-Year-Old Dash Ta Fame

    Ryann Pedone exercises her mother's soon-to-be 4-year-old futurity horse by Dash Ta Fame with a simple warm-up and pattern work. She talks through some of the pillars of her training program, including what parts of her rides she believes in keeping simple.

  • How to Fix Wide Barrel Turns

    If you're frustrated with your horse going past the barrel or blowing off wide in the backside of the turn, Ryann Pedone's got you covered. She talks through common reasons that horses go past the barrel turn or why they might leave a turn wide and lose time. Pedone breaks down where to start the...

  • Hand Positioning and Cues on Barrel Horses

    Decorated trainer and jockey, Ryann Pedone explains her ideal hand position on barrel horses at different stages of training. She demonstrates different hand cues and ways to control barrel horses with different hand placements on the reins. Whether you're a beginner or a professional, this video...

  • The Beginner Barrel Racer: The Four Barrel Drill

    A green barrel racing student, Perry, works with Ryann Pedone on a drill that has helped her master her timing, seat and hand position and more as she gets with her new barrel horse. Perry and Ryann talk through different aspects of riding that this drill can help beginners safely get repetitions...

  • Forgiving Quirks on the 3-year-old Feel The Sting x Streakin Queenie

    On this full, unedited ride, Ryann Pedone works her 3-year-old Feel The Sting daughter out of Streakin Queenie just before her debut at the Barrel Futurities of America juvenile race. She explains some of the mare's specific quirks and outlines how she adapts her training approach to fit the need...

  • The Beginner Barrel Racer: Pole Drill and Confidence

    Ryann Pedone sets up her poles around all three barrels and explains how this drill can help advanced or green riders with their spacing, footwork and timing around the turns. She brings on her real-life student, Perry, and the women talk through things that can help beginners level up: confidenc...

  • Pre-Futurity Training Session on HP Point of Entry

    Ryann Pedone works HP Point of Entry in this video, a brother to her great mare, HP Feel The Fame. She talks through some of the things that a rider can expect when training a stallion, getting familiar with horses with similar bloodlines and what a light training session looks like just before h...

  • Overcoming Losing Streaks

    Barrel Racer Molly Powell talks about how to overcome losing streaks and how to come back successfully by changing something.

  • Warming Up a Lazy Horse's Mind

    Molly Powell explains how she warms up a less energetic differently than she might another style horse.

  • Riding with One Hand

    Molly Powell's riding style caters towards winning. In this video she explains why she likes her horses to be really soft when using one hand.

  • Points of a Turn

    Molly Powell uses cones to demonstrate the important turning points when going around a barrel.

  • Helping a Horse Through the Turn

    Hand position is very important when your horse is going around the barrel. Molly Powell breaks down how you can help your horse in the turn.

  • Pre-Run Warm Up

    Amberley Snyder walks through her checklist for how she warms up for every barrel race.

  • Jordon's Warmup Drill for her High Powered 4-Year-Old

    World Champion Barrel Racer Jordon Briggs works her 4-year-old Epic Leader futurity colt and demonstrates how she gets his brain engaged before going to the barrels.

  • Looking at Rate Tracks

    How do you tell if your horse is good without taking him to a competition? Molly Powell explains what it means to lay tracks and how to judge a good run based on the rate tracks.

  • Hindquarters Drill

    Barrel racer Amberley Snyder talks riders through a drill she uses to prepare for a run to help drive her horse under himself.

  • Off-Pattern Work to Keep Barrel Horses Sharp

  • Training Issue vs. Soundness Issue

    Is it a training issue or a vet issue? Molly Powell explains how she uses the clock to help determine how to proceed with her horses.

  • Types of Barrel Racing Horses

    Molly Powell shares her preferred type of barrel racing horse and the different styles of horses seen in barrel racing.

  • Understanding and Learning Rate

    Molly Powell uses a cone drill to demonstrate how to teach a horse to rate on the pattern.

  • Working the 3-Year-Old Blazin Jet Olena

    Jordon Briggs takes us through a practice session with Blazin Jet Olena.

  • Ground Conditions for Exercise

    Molly Powell discusses how to use different ground surfaces when exercising your horse and preparing to compete.

  • Exercising Your Horse While Traveling for Competition

    Should you warm up differently when you're traveling? Molly Powell explains what she does and why it's important for your horse's muscles and circulation.

  • Cuing Your Horse with Body Language

    Molly Powell discusses the importance of body language in turns and keeping the horse straight. Plus, she shares the trick of standing in her outside stirrup.