Working Cow Horse

Working Cow Horse

Working cow horse blends reining and cutting to showcase the skills of horses and riders across the Western Performance disciplines. Learn from champions such as Brad Barkemeyer, Winston Hansma and more maneuvers including sliding stops, spins, and quick pivots.

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Working Cow Horse
  • Straightness and Rate in a Rundown

    Brad Barkemeyer explains how you progress in your riding by helping your horse finesse his approach to the sliding stop.

  • The Flag isn't Just for Cutting

    Brad shows riders how they can use the flag for more than just cutting.

  • Guiding in a Circle One-Handed

    The ultimate goal is to be able to ride your horse comfortably one-handed. Brad Barkemeyer shares how he rides his horses with one hand by demonstrating on one of his aged reined cowhorses.

  • Introducing 2-Rein

    Brad Barkemeyer discusses when and how to use a 2-rein set-up when working cows on an advanced horse.

  • Teaching the Turnaround: Too Much Hip

    Are you running into problems in your turnaround? Brad Barkemeyer talks about having too much hip when you're asking to a spin and what problems that'll cause.

  • Lead Changes: Lateral Movements

    In order to have a successful lead change, your horse must be willing to move off your legs and stand up his shoulders. These lateral movements help your horse learn where to put his body so he can set up for a successful lead change.

  • Lead Changes: Use the Fence

    The fence can be a handy tool when asking your horse to change leads. Brad Barkemeyer shows you how he'll work flying lead changes while incorporating the fence.

  • Training & Maintaining Flying Lead Changes

    Flying lead changes can be daunting. Brad Barkemeyer talks through how to prepare your horse outside of the pattern to set both of you up for success.

  • Keep the Forward Motion

    In this video, Brad Barkemeyer shows non pro riders an exercise that helps keep a horse's forward motion during maneuvers. He explains why you have to keep the forward motion and walks them through the exercise until they're doing it correctly.

  • Guiding While Circling Cow

    If you're in control of your horse circling a cow, the horse is balanced. Brad Barkemeyer talks through how to let your horse follow the cow, but still encourage him.

  • Fix a Sticky Backup

    Backing is one of the most important skills to teach his horse according to Brad Barkemeyer. In this video Brad helps a horse improve his back up.

  • Hourglass Drill

    Brad Barkemeyer takes us through one of his favorite young horse drills. He uses this drill specifically when teaching lead changes.

  • Turn-Around Practice

    Learn how to properly practice the turn-around with this young-horse drill from Al Dunning.

  • Turn-Around Tune Up

    Al Dunning talks through the progression of the turnaround and how to improve it as the horse continues his training.

  • Working the Imaginary Cow

    No cow, no problem. Brad Barekemeyer takes us through the pattern without a cow and explains why he does it.

  • Hackamore Talk

    Brad Barkemeyer discusses why he uses a hackamore on a 5-year-old reined cow horse.

  • Counter-Canter Drill

    Brad Barkemeyer talks through why the counter-canter is important and how this drill applies to every discipline.

  • Cow Horse Refresher Exercise

    Brad Barkemeyer takes us through how he brings a horse back to cow work after they've been off for a while.

  • Correct Form Circling a Cow

    Brad Barkemeyer breaks down the proper technique when circling a cow, including setting the horse up to pick up the correct lead.

  • Adjust Stirrups

    Should you shorten your stirrups for the cowhorse events? Brad Barkemeyer says most likely yes and explains how your leg and upper body should work together.

  • 3 Basic Signals for Stopping

    Brad Barkemeyer explains the three basic signals he uses for stopping and what order he uses them in.

  • Using Your Horses Body Efficiently

    Brad Barkemeyer works with a rider on the flag and helps her guide her horse to use their body correctly.

  • Using a Roping Dummy for Cow Horse Training

    Brad Barkemeyer uses a Smarty roping dummy and shows you how you can work on your cow work with it.

  • Working a Young Horse on the Flag

    Winston Hansma simulates what working with a 2-year-old on a flag looks like. He demonstrates how he works on the fundamentals with the horse to help him grow in his training and use his hands in accordance with his feet.