Working Cow Horse

Working Cow Horse

Working cow horse blends reining and cutting to showcase the skills of horses and riders across the Western Performance disciplines. Learn from champions such as Brad Barkemeyer, Winston Hansma and more maneuvers including sliding stops, spins, and quick pivots.

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Working Cow Horse
  • Brad Lund’s Bit Collection

    In this part of the series, Brad walks us through his bit collection and explains why he uses each one.

  • Switching Leads While Working a Cow

    Brad coaches professional roper Dakota Kirchenschlager as he works a cow down the fence and changes leads throughout the run.

  • Anticipating Lead Changes

    In this video, Brad coaches Dakota through schooling a horse that anticipates lead changes.

  • Training a Horse for the Reined Cow Horse Events

    Brad and Dakota talk about the challenges of training a horse to do all three of the reined cow horse events.

  • Lead Changes

    Brad works on lead changes with one of his green horses. He goes over everything needed to set the horse up for a flying lead change and talks us through his training process.

  • Tips for Working a Cow

    Brad works an experienced cow horse down the fence. He explains every step he takes and gives tips along the way.

  • Lead Departures

    Brad works a green horse through lead departures. He explains what he wants the end result to look like and shows how he will get his horse there. Brad talks about the different reined cow horse events and explains what each lead departure should look like based on the event.

  • Staying Relaxed During a Run

    In this video, Brad coaches Dakota as he works a cow down the fence. Brad explains why it's important to keep you and your horse calm throughout the run.

  • Coaching a Roper Down the Fence

    Brad coaches professional roper Dakota Kirchenschlager as he works a cow down the fence.

  • Introduction to Going Down the Fence

    Brad takes a threeyearold horse down the fence for the first time. He walks us through his run and explains every step and move he makes. Brad works two different cows and goes over his process for both of them.

  • Adjusting for the Horse and Steer You Have

    Brad Lund coaches Dakota through a steer stopping run. He explains the technique Dakota is using and then the two discss being able to adjust your routine based on the horse you have and the steer you get.

  • Failure is How You Learn

    Brad Lund and Dakota Kirchenschlager discuss how failures help you succeed.

  • Matching the Speed of the Steer

    Dakota Kirchenschlager steer stops on a reining horse. Brad Lund coaches him through it and the two disect the run. Brad talks about how Dakota's horse struggles to match the speed of the steer and gives tips to prevent this on the next run.

  • Controling Your Horse

    Brad coaches professional team roper Dakota Kirchenschlager through a steer stoping run. Then, the two talk about the run and explain why having control over your horse is the most important part of steer stopping.

  • Timing in Steer Stoping

    Brad demonstrates steer stoping and then explains why timing is such an important part of the event.

  • Preventing Anticipation in the Box

    Brad Lund works a horse in the box that is anticipating letting the cow out. He walks us through his training process and how he get's him to focus while waiting for the cow to leave.

  • Introduction to Steer Stopping

    Brad Lund goes over the basics of steer stopping. He talks about introducing a horse to the event for the first time, gives tips on where you should be in the chute, and talks about what you want the end result to look like.

  • Riding a Cowy Horse

    What's a cowy horse? Brad Barkemeyer explains what it means to be cowy and how to ride one.

  • When to Use a Snaffle Bit

    While you see younger horses use a snaffle bit when they're competing in cow horse events, using a snaffle bit is great for horses of all ages. Brad Barkemeyer explains when he likes to use a snaffle bit on his horses.

  • Backing Up:Use Your Feet

    Does your horse get stuck when you're asking for a backup? You might not be using your feet enough to keep your horse moving. Brad Barkemeyer explains why it's important to use your feet when you're asking for a backup.

  • Using Too Much Direct Rein

    Sometimes more isn't the answer. Brad Barkemeyer explains how using too much direct rein can cause problems when you're working your horse.

  • Understand a Legal Quit

    What is a legal quit? When you're competing in cow horse events and showing in the herd work, it's important to know when you can legally quit on a cow. Brad Barkemeyer breaks down the basics of herd works and when you can stop working your cow.

  • Teaching the Turnaround

    A good turnaround in a cow horse class is extremely important. Brad Barkemeyer shows you how to introduce the turnaround to your horse.

  • Snaffle Bit Adjustments

    Ensure your snaffle bit is fitted properly by using Brad Barkemeyer's tips for adjusting it.