Young Horse

Young Horse

Training young western horses can be challenging but rewarding. Proper handling of yearlings and weanlings can lead to successful colt starting and beyond.

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Young Horse
  • Riding Colt Independently in a Large Arena

    To wrap up the clinic, attendees take their new skills and work through the entire pattern. Cody rides along with them, and provides insight for each obstacle.

  • Introducing Colt to a Larger Arena

    For the final three obstacles of the Ranch Trail, Cody gives guidance about the log drag, backing through poles, and ground tying. Attendees practice each event, as Cody provides feedback.

  • Boredom in the Round Pen

    After learning how to do trot and lope overs, attendees practice going over these obstacles. Cody works with each person and their horse to fix any major problems

  • Riding Alone in the Round Pen

    Cody answers a question about posting vs. standing during the extended trot. He personally prefers to post, feeling that it showcases his horse's stride better, but says it is a personal decision.

  • Riding a Colt Independently

    As attendees look on, Cody explains the importance of maintaining a smooth gait during lope overs. He instructs you to look where you're heading, and guide your horse efficiently. Judges are impressed with square turns that show you can guide your horse in tight areas.

  • Walking a Colt for the First Time

    Clinic attendees practice these three obstacles, while Cody provides feedback on each one.

  • Ground Driving Young Horses

    For the extended trot, Cody teaches you how to push your horse to extend their trot without losing their smooth gait. You will learn what judges look for during the extended trot.

  • Introducing Colt to Saddle and Sidepull Pressure

    For your first obstacle, Cody talks about working the gate with purpose, and effciently. He goes over where to stand to open the gate, and how to close it with ease for maximum points.

  • Introducing Colt to Saddle

    Cody talks about each step of the Ranch Trail Pattern he will be using. He walks through the obstacles and gives a general overview of each obstacle.

  • Using a Sidepull Bridle

    As you get more comfortable working the cow, Cody instructs you to use your feet to keep your horse straight, and to finish your turns. Don't let your horse push into the cow, and keep them between your hands.

  • Round Pen Exercises for Colt Starting

    As attendees become more comfortable selecting a cow, they work on stopping straight across the pen, and practice slow work under the guidance of Cody.

  • First Cut on Fresh Cows

    Cody pushes the first herd out of the pen and brings up fresh cows. He works with attendees to keep their horses straight, and practice choosing a cow from the fresh herd that will cooperate and also present a challenge.

  • Halter Breaking and Weaning

    Weanling and yearling expert Anthony Leier goes over the process he follows for halter breaking and weaning foals. He explains what to do if the foal starts to resist the pressure and how to get them used to leading.

  • Introduction to Weanlings and Yearlings

    Multiple world champion trainer Anthony Leier introduces himself and the upcoming series on training weanlings and yearlings.


  • Teaching a Yearling to Give to Pressure

  • Feeding Weanlings and Yearlings

    In this video, Anthony goes into detail about what he feeds his weanlings, yearlings, and broodmares. He explains what kind of nutrition each one needs and talks about signs that you're over feeding a weanling or yearling.

  • Ground Driving a Yearling

    Anthony explains the benefits of ground driving your yearling. Then, he demonstrates how to set up your longe line for ground driving. Anthony asks a colt to ground drive for the first time and explains the process step by step.

  • Ponying a Yearling

    Anthony talks about how he pony's his yearlings for extra exercise and training purposes.

  • Showing a Yearling

    In this video, Anthony talks about showing a yearling in the longe line events. He talks about what the judges are looking for and what is expected of the horses.

  • Transitioning to Longing Outside of the Round Pen

    Anthony shows us how he transitions a colt to longing outside of the round pen. He walks us through the process step by step and explains problems you might run into.

  • Teaching Your Horse to Clip

    Anthony intoduces clippers to a yearling for the first time. He shows us the best way to acclimate a horse to the noise and vibrations from the clippers and gives tips on helping one who is scared of them.

  • Bathing a Yearling for the First Time

    Anthony walks us through bathing a yearling for the first time. He give us tips for getting him used to water and explains what to do if he doesn't like it.

  • Getting a Yearling Used to Being Handled

    In this video, Anthony talks about how some yearlings who haven't been handled much can be afraid of things like being brushed or curried. He shows us the best way to handle the situation and how to get your yearling used to you grooming him.