Brad Barkemeyer

Brad Barkemeyer

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Brad Barkemeyer is a team roper, reined cow horse trainer and instructor for those looking for cowboy common sense in their horsemanship. Barkemeyer’s career has spanned disciplines and associations, and he’s far more than just a trainer. Barkemeyer has taught hundreds of youth, amateurs and recreational ropers the finer points of horsemanship. Start your riding journey with Brad Barkemeyer today!

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Brad Barkemeyer
  • Lead Changes: Shift Your Body

    Episode 1

    When asking for a lead change, your body position is just as important as your horse's. Brad Barkemeyer shows you how he shifts his body weight so his horse is able to change leads.

  • Guiding in a Circle One-Handed

    Episode 2

    The ultimate goal is to be able to ride your horse comfortably one-handed. Brad Barkemeyer shares how he rides his horses with one hand by demonstrating on one of his aged reined cowhorses.

  • Teaching the Turnaround: Too Much Hip

    Episode 3

    Are you running into problems in your turnaround? Brad Barkemeyer talks about having too much hip when you're asking to a spin and what problems that'll cause.

  • Lead Changes: Lateral Movements

    Episode 4

    In order to have a successful lead change, your horse must be willing to move off your legs and stand up his shoulders. These lateral movements help your horse learn where to put his body so he can set up for a successful lead change.

  • Lead Changes: Use the Fence

    Episode 5

    The fence can be a handy tool when asking your horse to change leads. Brad Barkemeyer shows you how he'll work flying lead changes while incorporating the fence.

  • Training & Maintaining Flying Lead Changes

    Episode 6

    Flying lead changes can be daunting. Brad Barkemeyer talks through how to prepare your horse outside of the pattern to set both of you up for success.

  • Prevent Anticipation While Stopping

    Episode 7

  • Keep the Forward Motion

    Episode 8

    In this video, Brad Barkemeyer shows non pro riders an exercise that helps keep a horse's forward motion during maneuvers. He explains why you have to keep the forward motion and walks them through the exercise until they're doing it correctly.

  • Fix a Sticky Backup

    Episode 9

    Backing is one of the most important skills to teach his horse according to Brad Barkemeyer. In this video Brad helps a horse improve his back up.

  • Counter-Canter Drill

    Episode 10

    Brad Barkemeyer talks through why the counter-canter is important and how this drill applies to every discipline.

  • Back-Up Drill for Suppleness and Responsiveness in Any Horse

    Episode 11

    Brad Barkemeyer shares one of his suppling exercises and how it helps with body control.

  • Common Backing Mistakes

    Episode 12

    Are you pulling too much in the back? Brad Barkemeyer talks through how to cue for the back.

  • 3 Basic Signals for Stopping

    Episode 13

    Brad Barkemeyer explains the three basic signals he uses for stopping and what order he uses them in.

  • Maintaining Collection to the Left

    Episode 14

    Ensure your horse can maintain collection on the left and right lead with Brad Barkemeyer's advice.

  • Lead Changes:Diagonals

    Episode 15

    In the progression of teaching a horse lead changes, this diagonal exercise is a great way to keep your horse honest, and listening to your riding cues. Brad Barkemeyer shows you a drill you can add to your riding session.

  • Introduction to Sliding Stops: Trot

    Episode 16

  • Introduction to Sliding Stops:Using the Fence

    Episode 17

    Once you can stop your horse in a straight line at the walk, trot, and lope, you can use this fence drill to help your horse stop and engage his hindquarters.

  • Backing in the Spin

    Episode 18

    During the reined portion of a cow horse event, a horse is required to spin each direction. Sometimes when a horse is too far back he doesn't want to cross his front legs properly—even getting stuck within the turn. Brad Barkemeyer shows you how to fix this problem. This exercise is also great fo...

  • Teaching the Neck Rein

    Episode 19

  • Maintaining Collection to the Right

    Episode 20

    Brad explains collection and how to maintain collection by going to the right. Collection helps your horse stay in an athletic position to perform maneuvers successfully.

  • Backing Up:Use Your Feet

    Episode 21

    Does your horse get stuck when you're asking for a backup? You might not be using your feet enough to keep your horse moving. Brad Barkemeyer explains why it's important to use your feet when you're asking for a backup.

  • Introduction to Sliding Stops: Lope

    Episode 22

  • Introduction to Sliding Stops: Walk

    Episode 23

  • Using Too Much Direct Rein

    Episode 24

    Sometimes more isn't the answer. Brad Barkemeyer explains how using too much direct rein can cause problems when you're working your horse.