Unlock the foundations of successful horsemanship with Ride TV's Groundwork video series playlist. This expertly curated collection focuses on the essential techniques and principles of groundwork, providing valuable insights for horse enthusiasts at all levels. Learn from top trainers as they demonstrate effective methods for building trust, communication, and respect between you and your horse. The Groundwork playlist covers a range of topics, including leading, lunging, and desensitization, ensuring you develop a strong foundation for advanced training. Enhance your horsemanship skills and deepen your bond with your horse by tuning in to Ride TV's Groundwork video series.

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  • Using Your Legs to Connect With Your Horse

    When it comes time to get in the saddle it's important you know how to use your legs properly to connect with your horse. Monique Potts goes over how you can use your legs to better connect with your horse.

  • Understanding Connection in the Saddle

    Monique Potts breaks down connection in the saddle and the importance of understanding it.

  • Warming Your Horse Up

    Monique Potts goes over how she likes to warm her horses up and what she looks for and feels for when she's doing so.

  • Utilizing Your Legs

    Are you utilizing your legs when you're riding your horse? Monique Potts goes over basic horsemanship skills and how you should be using your legs.

  • Using the Mounting Block

    Does your horse dance around when you try to put him next to a mounting block? Monique Potts shows you how she teaches a horse to stand where you need him to when it comes time to use a mounting block.

  • Understanding Pressure on the Ground

    Do you understand how pressure works when you're on the ground working with your horse? Monique Potts goes over the basics and how it affects the way your horse responds to you.

  • Reading a Horse With Anxiety

    Does your horse have anxiety? Monique Potts goes over horse behavior and reading your horse's body language when you're on the ground to watch for any nervous behaviors.

  • Connecting The Hind Feet in The Saddle

    When you're riding your horse, are you able to connect your hand and seat to your horse's hind feet? Monique works with a client to help him learn more about connecting to his horse's hind feet.

  • Using the Tarp to Drive Your Horse Forward

    When working on groundwork there are a few different ways you can work on forward motion. Monique Potts goes over a drill she likes to do using a tarp to create forward motion with her horse.

  • Using a Tarp and Rope on the Ground

    Once your horse has basic groundwork skills you can incorporate a tarp and rope into your groundwork training to familiarize your horse with different obstacles.

  • Working With a Jumpy Horse

    Does your horse scare easily? Or jump out of his skin the minute he sees something new? Monique Potts shows you how she works with a jumpy horse on the ground and how she likes to build their confidence before getting in the saddle.

  • Safely Worming a Horse

    Some horses are very easy to worm or medicate, but others turn it into a fight. Monique Potts shares some tips on how she works with a horse to safely worm them or medicate them.

  • Riding a Nervous Horse Over a Bridge

    Once you can move your horse's feet on the ground, Monique Potts shows you how you can safely ride your nervous horse over a bridge or similar obstacle on the trail.

  • Helping a Nervous Horse Over Water on the Ground

    Before Monique Potts has her customers go through a water crossing on a nervous horse, she has them work on their horse's confidence from the ground.

  • Helping a Nervous Horse Over a Bridge

    To avoid accidents on the trail, natural horsemanship instructor Monique Potts goes over how she helps a nervous horse cross a bridge to make the experience a positive one.

  • Using Pressure on the Ground to Move the Feet

    Do you know how to use pressure when you're on the ground to help your horse move his feet and stay out of your personal space?

  • Pressure Points with a Four-Knot Halter

    Do you use a rope halter? Learn why Monique Potts prefers the four-knot rope halter and how it helps her with her groundwork.

  • Introducing Your Horse to a Fly Mask

    Does putting a fly mask on your horse always result in a fight? Natural horsemanship instructor Monique Potts demonstrates how she likes to desensitize her horse to a fly mask to avoid any fights.

  • Introducing Your Horse to Clippers

    Whether you clip your horse or not, it's always a great idea to desensitize him to things like horse clippers. Natural horsemanship instructor Monique Potts demonstrates how she introduces a horse to clippers and the importance of getting them comfortable around them.

  • Using Fly Spray When Your Horse is Tied Up

    Monique Potts explains how she likes to introduce a horse to fly spray when she's in a scenario where the horse might be tied up in a tack room or in his stall.

  • Introducing Your Horse to Fly Spray

    Does your horse jump out of skin when you go to spray him with fly spray? Learn how you can safely introduce your horse to fly spray so that it doesn't have to be a battle every time you go to use it.

  • Moving a Horse Forward on the Ground

    Is your horse a lazy leader? Monique Potts shows you a few groundwork drills you can do to increase forward motion on the ground and getting your horse to read your body language.

  • Managing Your Horse in a New Place

    When you go to a new place, whether it's a trailhead or a horse show, your horse needs to keep his attention on you and not what's going on around him. Monique Potts shows you how she handles a horse that is in a new environment.

  • Hand Grazing Your Horse

    Does your horse like to drag you around while you let him graze? Monique Potts explains how you can fix that problem and keep slack in your lead rope at all times.