Our coaches are here to help you connect with your horse better when you're on the ground so you can enjoy being around him safely.

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  • Riding a Nervous Horse Over a Bridge

    Once you can move your horse's feet on the ground, Monique Potts shows you how you can safely ride your nervous horse over a bridge or similar obstacle on the trail.

  • Helping a Nervous Horse Over Water on the Ground

    Before Monique Potts has her customers go through a water crossing on a nervous horse, she has them work on their horse's confidence from the ground.

  • Helping a Nervous Horse Over a Bridge

    To avoid accidents on the trail, natural horsemanship instructor Monique Potts goes over how she helps a nervous horse cross a bridge to make the experience a positive one.

  • Using Pressure on the Ground to Move the Feet

    Do you know how to use pressure when you're on the ground to help your horse move his feet and stay out of your personal space?

  • Pressure Points with a Four-Knot Halter

    Do you use a rope halter? Learn why Monique Potts prefers the four-knot rope halter and how it helps her with her groundwork.

  • Introducing Your Horse to a Fly Mask

    Does putting a fly mask on your horse always result in a fight? Natural horsemanship instructor Monique Potts demonstrates how she likes to desensitize her horse to a fly mask to avoid any fights.

  • Introducing Your Horse to Clippers

    Whether you clip your horse or not, it's always a great idea to desensitize him to things like horse clippers. Natural horsemanship instructor Monique Potts demonstrates how she introduces a horse to clippers and the importance of getting them comfortable around them.

  • Using Fly Spray When Your Horse is Tied Up

    Monique Potts explains how she likes to introduce a horse to fly spray when she's in a scenario where the horse might be tied up in a tack room or in his stall.

  • Introducing Your Horse to Fly Spray

    Does your horse jump out of skin when you go to spray him with fly spray? Learn how you can safely introduce your horse to fly spray so that it doesn't have to be a battle every time you go to use it.

  • Moving a Horse Forward on the Ground

    Is your horse a lazy leader? Monique Potts shows you a few groundwork drills you can do to increase forward motion on the ground and getting your horse to read your body language.

  • Managing Your Horse in a New Place

    When you go to a new place, whether it's a trailhead or a horse show, your horse needs to keep his attention on you and not what's going on around him. Monique Potts shows you how she handles a horse that is in a new environment.

  • Hand Grazing Your Horse

    Does your horse like to drag you around while you let him graze? Monique Potts explains how you can fix that problem and keep slack in your lead rope at all times.