Horse Week

Horse Week

Horse Week is a weeklong online film festival dedicated to horses happening October 20–26, 2024 Films range from documentary features to quick training tips and include a lineup of brand-new exclusives and award-winning favorites. The Horse Week Film Festival is FREE and every viewer will have access to individual films pages for on-demand viewing once the piece has aired.

Check out this exclusive archive featuring some of our favorite videos from past years. Be sure to tune in this October for brand-new stories!

Horse Week
  • Art of Dance brought to you by Boehringer Ingelheim


    In the hushed expanse of an arena, a unique ballet unfolds. This documentary takes viewers into the mesmerizing world of equestrian freestyle. Beyond mere sport, witness riders emerge as artists, choreographing a theater of motion with their equine partners. Watch as three distinct riders share t...

  • Raised Ready: The Relentless Remuda brought to you by Equinety


    Trevor Brazile and Miles Baker dive into their passion for the futurity rope horse industry and the breeding of their remuda stock. To be at the top of team roping competitions requires better horses and a specific breeding approach. They see an untapped potential in the industry, and work to con...

  • Weekends @ the Rockin' K brought to you by ADM Nutrition


    The Rockin' K Rodeo in Keenesburg Colorado, is more than just a place for rodeo enthusiasts; it's a thriving community that embraces the western way of life and nurtures the next generation of competitors. With experienced rodeo professionals like Kory Koontz sharing their knowledge, the kids at ...

  • Riding the Legacy brought to you by Cinch Jeans


    Sherry Cervi is one of the greatest professional barrel racers of all time. Inspired by her own experiences attending the Martha Josey clinics as a kid, Cervi organizes the Sherry Cervi Youth Championship barrel races for young riders from different states to compete every year. We see the camara...

  • Land of the Horse - The Story of the Kentucky Horse Park


    The Kentucky Horse Park is a legendary equestrian destination that exudes a timeless charm, captivating all who visit. As you step onto its hallowed grounds, you're enveloped in a world of horses, where history and heritage blend seamlessly. It's more than just a park; it's a place where you can ...

  • Trials and Triumphs: A Horseman's Journey to the Olympic Stage


    Steffen Peters reflects on his remarkable journey through the world of dressage. From his childhood in Germany to his success in the Olympic ring, Steffen's story is a testament to the deep connection between rider and horse. He shares his experiences in the competitive world of dressage, the imp...

  • Beyond the Badge: Community Building at the National Mounted Police Colloquium


    The National Mounted Police Colloquium at the Kentucky Horse Park has evolved over 40 years to provide training and horsemanship skills for law enforcement officers. The colloquium brings together 150 participants, offering diverse and high-tech horse facilities for training. The instructors focu...

  • Love is Good: Creating Community with This Old Horse

    This Old Horse is a unique rescue that provides a dignified retirement for aging and neglected horses. Founded by passionate horse lover, Nancy Turner, the organization creates a community of caring individuals, not just a place for horses. The dedicated volunteers, forming a close-knit family, n...

  • Getting Stable

    Amanda Held, a veteran and lifelong equestrian, felt compelled to help her fellow American military veterans to heal from the psychological impacts of armed combat and tours of duty. Leaning on her lifelong experience and love of horses, she formed Healing of Veterans through Equine-Assisted Serv...

  • EQUUS Film Fest Video - Keepers of the Horse

    This heartfelt narrative delves into the deep connection between humans and Choctaw Ponies, a breed with a rich heritage. Bryant Rickman, a dedicated horse rancher, has devoted his life to preserving these horses and their cultural significance. The story beautifully captures the resilience and v...

  • EQUUS Film Fest Video-Duel Enrolled

    Duel Enrolled is a short documentary on the demands and commitment that is required of equestrian student-athletes. The film follows Emma Blumenkrantz, Cristian Hacker, Natalie Jayne and Campbell Hudkins, along with coaches Lynn Jayne and TJ O’Mara as they navigate the competitive winter show sea...

  • EQUUS Film Fest Video-Herstory: Side Saddle

    Learn about the rich history and empowering tradition of sidesaddle riding for women. Explore the origins of sidesaddle, its societal significance, and the remarkable women who defied convention to participate. Modern riders continue this legacy with grace and courage, celebrating the elegance of...

  • AC TV Icons, Gary Morton Art

    Follow Gary Morton's story from ranch hand to cowboy artist. Each of Gary's paintings capture a real moment on the ranch and represent the heart and soul of the American cowboy.

  • AC TV Icons, The Cowboy Way of Life on Kokernot o6 Ranch


    "Being a cowboy is more than just a job— it's a way of life. Spend some time on Kokernot o6 Ranch, where six generations of cowboys have kept their family's dream alive."

  • AC TV Icons, M.L. Leddy's Legacy of Quality


    Family, quality and customer service are at the heart of M.L. Leddy's secret to longevity. Get an inside look at the history of the famous boot maker and insights from the M.L. Leddy family on how their business has not only survived but thrived for nearly 100 years.

  • Hard Labor of Love: Presented by Cinch Jeans


    This heartwarming video showcases the incredible bond between 12-year-old Addi and her beloved bull, Hard Labor. From their early days together to Addi's dream of flanking him at the PBR World Finals, their journey is filled with love, dedication, and resilience. Despite setbacks, Addi's unwaveri...

  • The Making of a Masterpiece: The Journey Toward Perfection


    International Grand Prix dressage competitor Anna Buffini gives an inside look into her training program and what motivates her to keep working towards her Olympic dreams. The dedication and commitment to excellence in her rigorous training and care for her horses sets her apart as they work toge...

  • The Making of A Masterpiece: Work Horses of the Red Carpet


    This video showcases the passion and dedication behind the Express hitch horses. Trainers care for these powerful animals like elite athletes, providing top-notch care and training. Their impressive performances in competitions and parades demonstrate the art of horsemanship, keeping the traditio...

  • The Making of A Masterpiece: Cow Sense and Fleet Feet


    NCHA Open Hall of Fame cutting horse trainer Cara Brewer explains the dedication, training, and care required to excel in this unique and challenging equestrian sport while giving a behind the scenes look into her training program.

  • The Making of A Masterpiece: Little Horse Big Jump


    Experience the devotion, passion, and extraordinary care behind international show jumper Bliss Heers' training program. She shares what made her fall in love with the sport of show jumping and explains the incredible team it takes to keep her horses performing at their best.

  • The Making of a Masterpiece: Pattern of Perfection


    World Champion trainer and AQHA judge Clint Ainsworth gives a judge's perspective on what good riding, training and overall horsemanship looks like. Learn about the intense training, care, and teamwork required for success at a national level.

  • Of Dust and Destiny Presented by Troxel


    After a traumatic brain injury, professional barrel Racer Liz Herrin finds her way back to the sport she loves with help from her new Troxel Helmet. Her deep love for animals and rodeo helps her overcome fear and embrace a new perspective on life, proving resilience and inspiring others

  • Stall Barns by Morton Buildings

    Discover the art of crafting the ultimate stall barn with Morton Buildings at WYTX Ranch in beautiful Sheridan, Wyoming. Witness innovative design, durable doors, and optimal ventilation. Explore the enchanting tack room, perfect stall configurations, and much more. Build your dream equestrian ha...

  • The History of the Budweiser Clydesdales


    The Budweiser Clydesdales, a symbol of American heritage, were reintroduced after Prohibition. Today, their legacy continues, captivating audiences with their size and gentle nature. The Clydesdales travel the country, embodying quality and tradition for Anheuser-Busch. This cherished team of hor...