Ranch Versatility

Ranch Versatility

Ranch versatility includes cattle classes, trail, pleasure, and reining. Learn how to master them all from champion trainers and riders.

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Ranch Versatility
  • Basics of the Bridge

    There are several different ways you might come across a bridge in ranch trail. You might be asked to cross a bridge by itself, but you also might find logs on either side of it. Cody Crow shows you the different ways you might be asked to navigate this obstacle.

  • Ranch Trail Serpentine Logs

    There are different ways you can approach a trot serpentine in a ranch trail class. Cody Crow shows you the basics of this obstacle and then talks about how you can up the degree of difficulty and increase your score on this maneuver.

  • Mastering the Gate: Body Position

    Just about anyone can get through a gate obstacle in a ranch trail class. But do you know how to master this manuever? Cody Crow shows you where he likes to position his horse so he can get through this obstacle efficently and without any penalties.

  • Practicing Trot and Lope Overs

    After learning how to do trot and lope overs, attendees practice going over these obstacles. Cody works with each person and their horse to fix any major problems

  • Explaining Standing vs. Posting in Extended Trot

    Cody answers a question about posting vs. standing during the extended trot. He personally prefers to post, feeling that it showcases his horse's stride better, but says it is a personal decision.

  • Explaining Lope Overs

    As attendees look on, Cody explains the importance of maintaining a smooth gait during lope overs. He instructs you to look where you're heading, and guide your horse efficiently. Judges are impressed with square turns that show you can guide your horse in tight areas.

  • Gate, Bridge, and Walkover Logs Practice

    Clinic attendees practice these three obstacles, while Cody provides feedback on each one.

  • Log Drag:Show Control of Your Horse

    During this obstacle, show that you and your horse work well together by dragging the log effeciently, and putting it back in it's correct spot.

  • Qaulity of Movement at the Extended Trot

    For the extended trot, Cody teaches you how to push your horse to extend their trot without losing their smooth gait. You will learn what judges look for during the extended trot.

  • Work the Gate Efficiently and With Purpose

    For your first obstacle, Cody talks about working the gate with purpose, and effciently. He goes over where to stand to open the gate, and how to close it with ease for maximum points.

  • Introducing Ranch Trail Pattern

    Cody talks about each step of the Ranch Trail Pattern he will be using. He walks through the obstacles and gives a general overview of each obstacle.

  • Stopping and Slowing While Working a Cow

    As attendees become more comfortable selecting a cow, they work on stopping straight across the pen, and practice slow work under the guidance of Cody.

  • First Cut on Fresh Cows

    Attendees continue their first cut attempts from the herd, and Cody provides feedback. The herd is more tired at this point, and Cody is able to help attendees determine which cows will still present a challenge, and which ones have figured out how to get back to the herd.

  • Continuing First Cut From the Herd

    When you are later in the draw you are working cows that aren't as fresh. Cody gives you things to look for when you are later in the draw, and attendees continue with their first attempt.

  • Being Later in the Draw and Cutting from the Herd

    Clinic attendees attemp choosing their first cow, and their first cut. Cody provides individualized feedback for each attendee, and has them attempt multiple cuts during this first round.

  • Ranch Trail Ground Tying

    One maneuver you'll see in ranch trail classes is ground tying. Cody Crow shows you a drill you can use at home to get your horse familiar to ground tying.

  • Drills to Teach Flying Lead Changes

    Once your horse has body control and collection, it's time to start working toward flying lead changes. Cody Crow shows you an exercise you can use to help prepare your horse for flying lead changes.

  • Working on Self Carriage

    Cody Crow works with a nonpro rider to help them figure out self carriage with their horse.

  • Troubleshooting Lead Departures

    Does your horse struggle with taking the correct lead? Cody Crow shows you how to troubleshoot your lead departure issues.

  • Lead Departures on a Green Horse

    Learn how to help your green horse take the correct leads from a walk with this drill from Cody Crow.

  • Novice Horse Stopping Drills

    Cody Crow shows you a few stopping drills you can use with your horse to strengthen his ability to stop.

  • Green Ranch Horse Backup Drills

    In ranch riding and ranch trail your horse is required to backup through different obstacles. Cody Crow shows you several different drills you can do with your ranch horse to prepare him for competitions.

  • Basic Backup Drills

    Cody Crow shows you a few exercises you can use to help your horse with his backup.

  • Green Ranch Horse Sidepass

    Cody Crow uses a nonpro rider to demonstrate how to ride a sidepass on a green ranch horse. He also breaks down some common problems with working the sidepass on a green horse and how to fix them.