Ranch Versatility

Ranch Versatility

Ranch versatility includes cattle classes, trail, pleasure, and reining. Learn how to master them all from champion trainers and riders.

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Ranch Versatility
  • Log Drag: Show Control of Your Horse

    During this obstacle, show that you and your horse work well together by dragging the log effeciently, and putting it back in it's correct spot.

  • Reversing on the Rail

    Cody Crow gives advice for how to reverse directions in the ranch versatility rail class.

  • Rail Work: Walk and Extended Walk

    Cody Crow breaks down the difference between a regular walk and an extended walk for the rail work portion of a ranch versatility competition.

  • Introducing Your Horse to Dragging a Log

    Cody Crow demonstrates how to drag a log to a horse who might be new to this maneuver or unsure.

  • Reining to Ranch Riding: Right-Hand Gate

    Bud Lyon works with a horse who is new to the gate maneuver to complete a right-hand gate.

  • Introduction to Ranch Trail: Backing Through an L

    Being able to guide your horse around obstacles while backing is a major part of a ranch trail class. Cody Crow discusses the basics of backing your horse through an L.

  • Introduction to Ranch Trail: Teaching the Sidepass

    A sidepass is a common obstacle you're required to perform in a ranch trail class. Ranch versatility expert Cody Crow shows you how he likes to teach his horse how to sidepass over a log.

  • Introduction to Ranch Trail: Push-Through Gate

    A solid gate is a practical application in the ranch trail, but when you're in the show pen, there must be a certain amount of finesse. Cody Crow demonstrates how to increase your score on the push-through gate.

  • Introduction to Ranch Trail: Adding Lopeover Logs

    As your horse gets comfortable going over ranch trail lopeover logs, you can gradually add more logs and teach him how rate over the logs and go over lopeover obstacles.

  • Introduction to Ranch Trail: Dallying Safety

    In the ranch trail you might be asked to drag a log while you're on your horse. Ranch versatility expert Cody Crow explains the importance of dallying safety so you don't severely injure yourself while practicing this maneuver.

  • Introduction to Ranch Trail: Pole Distances

    Cody Crow explains how to set up pole distances for trot and lope overs when practicing the ranch trail.

  • Introduction to Ranch Trail: Pulling a Gate Open

    Another variation of gate obstacle includes pulling the gate open to go through it. Cody Crow demonstrates how he likes to compete this maneuver.

  • Introduction to Ranch Trail: Back-Through Gate

    Cody Crow goes through the steps of a basic back-through gate commonly seen in the ranch trail.

  • Introduction to Ranch Trail: Dragging a Log

  • Handling a Rope: Let it Touch Your Horse's Hip

    The next step in desensitizing your horse to a rope and dragging a log is by letting the rope touch your horse's hip so he can get use to the feel of a rope pulling something.

  • Work the Gate

    How do you work the gate in the ranch riding? Bud Lyon demonstrates and explains how it differs from other trail patterns.

  • Eliminating and Choosing a Cow

    Cody Crow helps clinic participants determine how to eliminate and choose a cow in the cowhorse events.

  • Ground Tying for Ranch Trail

    An obstacle you might come across in ranch trail is ground tying. Cody Crow goes over what a +1 score looks like for this manuever, and then goes over what you're expected to do with your reins when you ride in romal reins or split reins.

  • Riding Over Different Lopeover Distances

    In ranch trail you might come across different sets of lopeover logs that are set at different distances. Cody Crow shows you how you can lengthen and shorten your horse's stride to get over different log obstacles at the lope.

  • Schooling Lopeover Logs

    Once your horse knows the basics of loping over a log obstacle, you can start asking him to stay round over the logs and driving with his hind end. Cody Crow shows you how he schools this obstacle at home.

  • Schooling a Ranch Riding Turnaround

    A turnaround in ranch riding or ranch trail is going to be different from a reining spin. Cody Crow shows you the difference between a 0 turnaround and a +1 turnaround. Then talks about the different ways you can school your turnaround at home to improve your score in the show pen.

  • L Obstacle Practice

    There's a lot you can do with an L obstacle. Cody Crow shows you how you can practice ranch trail at home with the use of just four logs by walking, trotting, backing, and sidepassing it.

  • Schooling Trot-Over Logs

    How do you plus your trot-over logs? Cody Crow goes over the basics of trotting over logs and how you can increase your score in the show pen by practicing at home. Then he shows you a few different obstacles you might be asked to trot over in a ranch trail class.

  • Extension in the Ranch Riding

    Cody Crow goes over the different extended gaits you might see in ranch riding and ranch versatility events and what a credit-earning gait looks like.