Tack and Gear

Tack and Gear

Whether you've just started riding Western or are adding to your Western tack collection, choosing the right equipment for you and your horse can be daunting. Learn from Bud Lyon, Brad Barkemeyer, Amberley Snyder, Al Dunning, and Ken McNabb on the best western horse training tack and gear to keep safe while working with your horse.

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Tack and Gear
  • Why Shank Length Matters

    Ken explains bit purchase and why it matters. Learn about bits with Ken McNabb and why shank length matters on Western bridles.

  • Why Saddle Fit Matters

    Ken McNabb offers tips on saddle fit. Keep your horse sound and healthy by making sure your Western saddle fits your horse.

  • What's a Snaffle

    Learn about Western tack with Ken McNabb. Ken McNabb explains snaffle bits and how snaffle bits work.

  • What Matters in Saddle Fit

    Understand what matters in saddle fit with Ken McNabb.

  • Saddle-Fit Tips

    Fit your saddle correctly with these tips from Ken McNabb.

  • New-Bit Advice

    Ken McNabb explains how a bit change should be relative to what your horse already understands.

  • Measure a Bit's Leverage

    Learn how to change your horse's bridle and how to measure a bit's leverage with Western horseman Ken McNabb.

  • How to Saddle Easier

    Ken McNabb offers tips for easier saddling and Western saddle placement.

  • Correction Bit Leverage

    Learn about bit leverage to improve your Western riding and horsemanship with Ken McNabb. Ken McNabb explains how riding with a three piece bit differs from a two piece.

  • Cinches by Season

    Choose the Western cinch for the season with Ken McNabb's advice. Improve your horses's comfort by better understanding Western tack and gear with Ken McNabb.

  • Brief History of Bits

    Learn about bits from horseman Ken McNabb

  • Tack for Ranch Riding

    Ranch riding tack is all about staying true to the class' roots. Here are Bud Lyon's preferences.