Horse&Rider OnDemand Collections

Horse&Rider OnDemand Collections

Learn from the best in the industry and take your horsemanship skills to the next level with their expert guidance on reined cow horse, ranch riding, versatility ranch horse, and all-around events. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, these videos are a must-watch for anyone looking to improve their skills and achieve success in Western horsemanship.

Horse&Rider OnDemand Collections
  • Working Cow Horse

    144 items

    Working cow horse blends reining and cutting to showcase the skills of horses and riders across the Western Performance disciplines. Learn from champions such as Brad Barkemeyer, Winston Hansma and more maneuvers including sliding stops, spins, and quick pivots.

  • Ranch Versatility

    70 items

    Ranch versatility includes cattle classes, trail, pleasure, and reining. Learn how to master them all from champion trainers and riders.

  • Reining
    74 items


    74 items

    Reining training videos to help improve your horse's circle, spin, and sliding stop. Tips to make your reining maneuvers easier.

  • Tack and Gear

    55 items

    Whether you've just started riding Western or are adding to your Western tack collection, choosing the right equipment for you and your horse can be daunting. Learn from Bud Lyon, Brad Barkemeyer, Amberley Snyder, Al Dunning, and Ken McNabb on the best western horse training tack and gear to keep...

  • Ranch Riding

    115 items

    Bud Lyon, Cody Crow, and more help perfect your ranch riding horsemanship and improve your performance in the arena.

  • Horsemanship

    221 items

    Through horsemanship training videos with Al Dunning, Brad Barkemeyer, Bud Lyon, Ken McNabb, and Amberley Snyder, develop a true partnership with your horse by gaining a better understanding of how horses think and respond.

  • Young Horse

    100 items

    Training young western horses can be challenging but rewarding. Proper handling of yearlings and weanlings can lead to successful colt starting and beyond.

  • Western Dressage

    61 items

    Western dressage gives Western riders who've been interested in the traditional sport of dressage--where horse and rider are judged individually and work their way gradually through well-defined levels--a way to try it out without changing gear. Learn what maneuvers are important, what the tests ...

  • Problem Solving

    11 items

    Transform your approach to riding challenges with Ride TV's Problem Solving video series playlist. This expertly curated collection provides practical solutions and expert advice for addressing common horse behavior issues and training obstacles. The Problem Solving playlist features top trainers...

  • Groundwork

    48 items

    Unlock the foundations of successful horsemanship with Ride TV's Groundwork video series playlist. This expertly curated collection focuses on the essential techniques and principles of groundwork, providing valuable insights for horse enthusiasts at all levels. Learn from top trainers as they de...

  • Cutting
    154 items


    154 items

    Explore the thrilling world of cutting horses with Ride TV's Cutting video series. This comprehensive collection dives deep into the exciting sport of cutting, showcasing top competitors, expert techniques, and in-depth analysis of cutting horse competitions. Learn from the best as industry profe...

  • All Around

    66 items

    Dive into the dynamic world of versatile all-around skills with Ride TV's All Around video series playlist. This expertly curated collection showcases the disciplines which are apart of the all around, offering valuable insights and training techniques for riders looking to excel in multiple area...

  • Fitness
    18 items


    18 items

    Rider fitness is essential for Western performance as it ensures better balance, coordination, and control while riding, leading to improved horse performance. Learn from a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, and rider fitness specialist Kelly Altschwager.

  • Horse Care

    42 items

    Discover the ultimate resource for horse enthusiasts with Ride TV's Horse Care playlist. This curated collection of videos offers expert horse care advice, practical tips, and essential information on all aspects of horse health and management. Learn grooming techniques, nutrition guidance, healt...